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  1. I would also like the Ink Note feature from the Windows client moved into the iPad app. I've used Evernote since v2 and have been waiting for the tablet hardware to catch up to Evernote's feature set. With the iPad, I feel like we're finally there. Ideally, the "ink" would allow me to annotate PDFs, PPTs, DOCX and RTF. But the Ink Note is an acceptable 1st step; PDF annotation would be 2nd, in my opinion; the rest would follow, if indeed you can't do all those file formats at once.
  2. 1. Importing Ev 2.1.1 notebooks and the new notebook default's property. I imported an entire notebook into E3, but didn't have an opportunity to determine whether that new imported notebook would be a Local or a Sync'ed notebook. It was sync'ed automatically. I'd much prefer the Import give me an opportunity to flag the new notebook as Local or Sync. 2. Moving notes between notebooks. I was hoping to select notes in a Local notebook and drag them to the Sync'ed notebook. I couldn't, though it would have been quite handy if I could have. 3. Importing notes through the wizard. I created a Local notebook, thinking I could import my EV 2.1.1 into this Local notebook. When I ran the Import Wizard, I could select any Target Notebook that was a sync'ed notebook, but not the Local notebook. Naturally, that would be rather nifty function. If I've just missed where these functions already exist, my apologies. Using Evernote v (26793).
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