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  1. I did some research. I promised to post and to look into what I consider to be a viable solution for the Palm - Evernote quest -- whether you use Evernote 2.2 or Evernote 3.0. First off, I don't think that the GTDWannabe solution via plucker (see post here http://gtdwannabe.com/?s=plucker) is the only way to go. I think a lot of GTD Evernote users whether Mac or PC enthusiasts should take a look at Mark Hurst's Bit Literary book http://bitliteracy.com/ Mr. Hurst is a brilliant thinker from MIT who wrote a book that emphasizes the value of simple txt files. I think that Evernote is an excellent simple text manager for its utter emphasis on simplicity and declutter alone not to mention file and digital life management. The ultimate Palm Treo solution I can recommend is using DayNotez by Richard Murphy's team since it supports html, msdoc, csv and text export functionality as your notes capture device on the Palm. Please note that the html and text functionality are supported by DayNotez out of the box. You can then view your already existing Evernote files as .txt or html exported from either version of evernote in Plucker if that excites you or your txt documents in documents to go (which is what I recommend) or via your web browser with Evernote. The best way to use with DayNotez would be a piece of software called Mobile Write by http://www.inkmarksoftware.com for it's handwriting recognition -- it is very simple and powerful. The reason why I recommend DayNotez as your capture tool is that it organizes images, audio, and text out of the box and complements Evernote nicely. I hope this helps.
  2. I can now read the palm stuff on the web. I got it to work. I am still not sure what to do about it -- if they had a direct mobile reader for the palm it would be a real incentive for them. I think a lot of palm users would go ape. That would kill the one note dependency of a lot of people.
  3. Ok we can get web access from there. This is good and exciting!!!. it does let you view them on the palm. You should, however, find some way to get this working on the palm. Remember there is over a 1 million centros wakling around the US and growing fast. (Verizon got the centro 4 days ago) What is the ETA time on a Palm solution?
  4. Unfortunately the web mobile version of the palm web browser blazer does not work at all with evernote mobile so we can only e-mail images and photos to the palm. I am using a verizon wireless 755p which is considered to be a very good pda phone. I am a strong supporter of evernote however, and believe when the fixes come that they will be amazing like all your other versions. 2.2 is a killer applications.
  5. Unfortunately it appears they do not support the palm os but i could be wrong. They only appear to support the windows mobile version!!! What can we do ? Evernote is by far the most powerful note collector on the internet and 3.0 is a huge product with plentiful options coming in the future releases. Evernote is a life changing application with the potential to redifine the note collecting market especially in the GTD application arena.
  6. Why hasn't Evernote released a Palm OS version yet? According to Bloomberg: Palm had 13.4 percent of the market for advanced phones in the first quarter, up from 7.9 percent in the previous period, according to Framingham, Massachusetts-based research firm IDC. Apple's share fell to 19.2 percent from 26.7 percent. Please read the article before you see this: http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid= ... refer=home
  7. Well Evernote 2.2 is fantastic if they can combine the two with 3.0 we will have a killer application!!!
  8. Folks, Having spent nearly a year and a half to research the best time management tools, I am very concerned about the following posting: Phil is an absolute technology genius and i can't imagine that they would kill the robust and high-end features in Evernote 2.2 just to make a web 2.0 compliant collection tool -- from what I can tell it would make the most sense to keep them both and integrate them into not just a web collection mechanism but also an full featured robust note taking and journal tool for work with tablet pcs and notetaking products like cyberpad. Right now the preview release of the Evernote 3.0 seems to have some terrific features. I hope it can now also soon encompass the 2.2 features that make that such a terrific program. I would personally consider fully switching from OneNote for all my collection needs if they can pull this off. I also really love the Evernote Mobile preview release which is incredible for viewing your evernote captures on your windows mobile pocket pc. But the new 3.0 compliant tool is missing some of these terrific advanced functionalities -- eventually they are supposed to merge. And my hope is they do this. However the jury has been out from the evernote team on all the features lost from 2.2 to 3.0.
  9. When can we expect them to add all the extraordinary features of evernote 2.2 to 3.0? Is this going to be on the road map?
  10. I spent the day trouble shooting, you can actually have two copies of evernote on a windows mobile pda you can have the full version and the web verision. to reach them quickly you just have to have something like spb mobile plus and you have full access to this and you can set up a program link to both applications from your today screen. very nice!!! so you get the best of both worlds
  11. Folks, Here's my question. I want to replace onenote with Evernote.And I have a few questions. 1. Does evernote 3.0 support document drag and drop yet. I tried doing this and it says drag or drop but the documents (PDFs and windows office2007 do not add themselves and attach to the documents. 2. Can we share a database currently between 2.2 and 3.0 3. Before Evernote launches the new full client application for windows mobile, can Evernote keep from discontinuing the windows mobile preview release until all full options are available. I was told from an Evernote official that this download will shortly be discontinued from the web site? 4. Any chance of getting use of the Evernote WIndows Mobile 3.0 full beta release that combines the stand alone application with the web uploader? What Evernote is attempting to do here can have a pretty profound effect on the way people are managing information.
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