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  1. Looks like deselecting Evernote from the Application Sync menu, Syncing to remove it, the reselecting it and syncing again solved the problem.
  2. This morning I fired up my iPod Touch and was greated with a nice Application Update icon for Evernote. I applied it and now Evernote has been completley removed from my Touch. It appears in iTumes under both Applications Sync and Applications but it is not on the Touch. I have resynced many times and still no luck. Anyone else run into this yet? Anyone have a solution? Txs.
  3. Anyway see a way to sort notebook display order other than Alpha?
  4. When reporting issues in EN3 "Report a problem" and/or on this forum is anyone receiving confirmations back that they have been received and what will be done?
  5. Follow-up. I do not run into this utilization problem running EV3 Portable and Working Offline. Seems to be only XP local desktop install.
  6. It appears the local desktop install database defaults to the \\D&S\users\mydocs\myevernotefiles\Database3 location. Anyway to change this location?
  7. I just upgraded to .539. When working offlline EV3 drives CPU utilization to 100% and brings the system to a crawl. Setting it back to work online returns utilization back to normal. I noticed similar results when syncing. Stephen
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