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  1. I have learned more about Evernote through these forums in the last 2 hours than the entire (4?) years I've been using EN. When we are raised with hierarchical systems, then that is our "natural" inclination and comfort zone. I can now see the power of tags and why moving to a tag based system makes sense ... but did it have to be so hard to get here? I think a direct "User Forums" link in the dashboard header (up next to Support maybe?) would be a very smart addition. While the "Tutorial Videos" and "User Tips Videos" are cute and clever ... they are NOT very useful beyond enticing people to sign-up. I would love, Love, LOVE to see a good video on "Totally Together with Tags" and why the tagging system is better than old-school folders/sub-folders. Don't be cute and clever, I have friends for that ... be useful instead :-)
  2. Okay, now we're talking. When did EN introduce multiple levels to tags and how did I miss the memo??? Thank goodness I found this post. I think now I can organize EN the way I want to since I can create "Child tags" instead of "Sub Notebooks". I still like the idea of "Sub Notebooks" better though to be honest because then it matches my PC system of organization.
  3. Totally agree with this post. I really like the use of tags on Punakea and could see myself switching to a tag-based system (instead of sub-folders) if EN used the power of tags in a similar manner.
  4. While I see the points made here about being able to use tags instead of sub-notebooks/folders ... it does seem more logical to use sub-notebooks/folders when you have very specific items you want to group together. Here is my example. I am a graphic and web designer and I have multiple clients. I have a very organized system on my PC of folders segmented into subfolders. i.e. = X:/Aim/Clients/ClientName/.Notes /Final /WIP (works in progress) I would prefer the ability to organize my Evernotes the same way. I don't see why Evernote wants to force me to adapt to THEIR system of organization if my system works well for me. It's MY product and I'm a Premium member ... it should do what I want it to, the way I want it to. It shouldn't be too difficult to program for sub-notebooks (sub-folders) since I believe every computer system on the planet organizes that way.
  5. I second these ideas. I specifically came to the forums to see if anyone has requested the "bookshelf" idea for notebooks. I just seems to make sense from an organizational standpoint. I would like to have a "bookshelf" of "Blogs" then have a notebook for each individual blog that I create and/or read. I would like to have a "bookshelf" of "Clients" then have a notebook for each individual client. I would like to have a "bookshelf" of "Marketing" then have a notebook for "Email", "General", "Internet", "Multimedia", "Niche", "Organic", etc., etc. And so on and so forth. Thanks.
  6. Any chance of having a "highlighting" ability within my notes? I can change the color of my text, but I prefer to select text, then apply a highlight to it for faster reference later (like when you're studying).
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