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  1. Try this link: http://forum.evernote.com/phpbb/rss.php -Carl
  2. Most basic cell phones these days allow you to enter any email address as the destination when sending a text message. You are still limited to 140 characters since it goes via SMS, but there should be no problem sending to your dedicated Evernote email address. UPDATE: I tried this using my cheap Motorola Razr and it worked great. I added my Evernote account email address to my cell phone contacts for future use.
  3. Seems like this link works for the feed: rss.php I think that has all of the forums in it.
  4. Any update on the ability to attach arbitrary files? It looks like this must be close - below is a screen shot from one of Dave's public notebooks, and here is the permalink. I downloaded the files and it seems to work great. -Carl
  5. If you set up an Evernote AutoImport folder, you can then click the "Save a Copy" button on the Adobe Reader toolbar and save it to your AutoImport folder. That would save a few steps. -Carl
  6. Rats. You are correct. I just tried to do it via sharing... sorry for posting bad information! You can add your EverNote email address to your contacts list in reQall, but it's not until they accept your invite to share reminders that the contact will become one of your "buddies". I had just set the primary email on the account to my EverNote email address. That worked great for me, but there's probably a lot of folks that don't want *everything* going there. Maybe the reQall team will read this thread and realize that they're strategy to get more people to sign up is actually driving more people away!The only other option would be to create a separate account for your EverNote "buddy" using your EverNote email address for the account. Then you could share some notes with that buddy and have them show up in your EverNote database, while still having the default be your primary email address. Now I understand what you were saying. Not sure why the reQall guys would require your contacts to join before you can send them messages. This was not a requirement for Jott, and sounds like it's not a requirement for Dial2Do. It also looks like reQall downgraded their recording length from 60 to 30 seconds. Regarding the voice prompts, you can interrupt them, so you don't have to wait.Hope that clears things up.
  7. You can do it one of two ways using your EverNote account email address. You can set up your reQall account to use the EverNote email as your personal/default address, then everything will go there. You can also set up the Evernote email address as a contact, then "share" notes with that address. Not sure, I took a quick look at Dial2Do but I didn't sign up... The good news is that as long as there are a few of these services to choose from, there will probably always be at least one free one! Having said that, some of the things I like about reQuall are: (1) Recording length (was 60+ seconds, not sure what it is now). You can also dial in and *listen* to all of your messages. UPDATE: I just tested this today (22-Sep-08) and they have apparently reduced the recording length from 60 to 30 seconds :-( (2) Task management features, and multiple "smart" lists... You can get these sent on demand as nicely formatted bulleted lists via text message (3) iCal and RSS feeds of your notes/lists (4) There is a PC application; you can record into your PC microphone then paste it into another app after the translation finishes By the way, there is a free version of Jott, but there are two things that really stink about it: (1) The recording length is cut to 15 seconds, and (2) You have to log in to get your messages. I did, however, keep my free Jott account for one reason: Jott Feeds... You can set up RSS feeds and listen to them on your phone. If the radio is all commercials on my drive to work, I can listen to news, weather, sports, etc. on demand using the speakerphone on my cell.
  8. I've had a lot of luck with reQall as well... You get 2x the recording time of Jott and similar organizational capabilities. You can also set it up to go directly to your EverNote email address. ...and it's still free.
  9. In addition to the things that Paul mentions, I would vote for: [*:2ahtyuvu]Floating text boxes... In EverNote 3.0 (as with EN2.x) you cannot float text over images or any other part of the document. If I take a picture of a white board, for example, I may want to add a few additional notes on the image where they would make the most sense. Since I can't drop a text box in the foreground, I have to insert text and then everything else in the note tends to shift around on me. [*:2ahtyuvu]A scribble tool for notes, similar to what you have in the EN clipper. It would be nice to be able to add scribbles over images after they are in my notebook. Additionally, it would be nice if the scribble tool also had a text box option... am I getting greedy now? -Carl
  10. My two cents on "The Brain”... I took a look a while back. It looked interesting at first, but to get the features I would want (search, Outlook integration, multiple file attachments, export capability, etc) it seems I would have to buy the Pro edition. The price tag on that is $249! :shock: Outrageous! Even stepping down to the core edition at $149 is still well above my threshold of pain. I didn’t bother downloading the free version since it lacks those basic features. It's tough to compete with the FREE version of EverNote. For their middle of the road "core" edition, TheBrain even priced themselves more than 2x above Microsoft OneNote, which sells for $72.99 Amazon. I just don't see it.
  11. I struggled a lot with this too... I agonized over which one to pick, and ended up using both EverNote and OneNote for many months. I didn't want to split all my stuff between the two, so I settled on OneNote at the time. All of the reasons and detailed comparisons are here: http://manage-this.com/evernote-vs-onenote/ When EverNote added Google Desktop Search capability, I seriously considered switching back, but then saw the "big changes coming" note as well. There is a lot of stuff I don't like about OneNote, for example mangled web clippings, and the fact that it wants to launch the whole program everytime you clip something as if to say, "hey, look what I did!". And I have to respond by saying "yes, yes, nice job OneNote, now go back to your task bar and wait for another clipping... click". If some of the EverNote 2.2 feature are brought forward (esp. some form of auto categories), there will be a slightly used copy of OneNote along with its original packing available on eBay.
  12. Now that the Beta is up and running, can you give us a hint at pricing? Or at least the pricing structure or tiers (if there are any planned)? I agree with Brandon... I don't want to convert over and get too used to the nice web interface only to realize later that I can't afford it :? thanks, Carl
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