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  1. Same problem. Premium Member since 12 Mar 2008. I had re-installed Evernote on iOS yesterday (for a different reason - deselecting offline notebooks wasn't reducing my App size, and it was taking up 1.2GB of my 16GB iPad ... so a reinstall seemed the fastest way). I'm now getting the error: Synchronisation failed: An unexpected error occurred while synchronising with the Evernote service. Synchronization Errors Note title: [ XXX] Description: Could not make HTTP request Reason: Could not sync note '[XXX]'. Any update on a fix other than a re-install? [update 19 Nov 2012] After a few hours the sync seemed to work itself through, and the app is syncing with the Evernote service as normal. For reference, it was a single note which contained 4 in-note photos.
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