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  1. In evernote, send the note by email within evernote to the designated email address for the board. formatting like bold and underline do not work, but my goodness the links work great, even evernote "note links' and onenote 'note links', opening the links in app.
  2. The new clipper, in addition to being WAY too tiny of a font for my reasonably young eyes, doesnt allow you to edit the title, unlike the old one. This leads to doubling my data use. Just editing the title of something means a second uploading it to Evernote. Now I have to use double the data for each note. I am terrified of clipping images or larger files, because I know that I am in effect going to be doubling my usage if I dare to give them an accurate title other than the page name of the URL, which is the title that Evernote picks for me. Not to mention, it is highly unproductive to have to touch the item twice, first clipping it, then opening evernote and re-titling it. I feel like my data usage limit should more accurately be described as 500mb. Not 1gb.
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