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  1. AFAIK, Axcrypt only encrypts files. You cannot use it to encrypt EN notes. That's what I thought too. Thanks for confirming Oded. So if I hear you correctly, to encrypt a single note, I could create a note in, say, Notepad, encrypt it in AxCrypt, and THEN stash the encrypted Notepad file into EN?
  2. Thanks, Ed H. The encryption does not work for the current web based Evernote (I did discover that if I change the setting to the older web version, it will encrypt). Certainly the desktop version encrypts I will definitely try out Axcrypt. Thanks again!
  3. Thanks for the heads-up, mrossk. I am a premium user and thought that the encryption was more secure, therefore. I can use my password protection program instead for this until, as you say, something more military is developed for encryption in Evernote.
  4. Encryption of entire notes, entire notebooks, or an entire tag. Encryption is the #1 feature for Evernote, for me. I encrypt text all the time, as I store logins, passwords, credit card info....all manner of sensitive data. That way, I'm not at a loss when I have to log in somewhere I only go to occasionally, and forget the login credentials. I just smile, open my login note, unencrypt the text with the login details, and I shout out, once again, "I LOVE EVERNOTE!" But to be able to encrypt an entire note would be very cool and time-saving. How about an entire notebook? Way cool. There may be nothing more important now in this cyber world in which we live, than having the protection capabilities of encryption!
  5. I am hoping Evernote for Web will include encryption capabilities soon! Encryption is the number one feature about Evernote, in my experience. Sure, the convenience of all the many features is great, but encryption allows me to record created login passwords and sensitive data, and to know it is secure. Then when I forget a password, no problem! I retrieve it from an encrypted note. It's what makes me love, love, love Evernote! Last week I was away from my computer and needed to add a note to Evernote through Evernote Web, and I needed to encrypt the note to protect the sensitive data (I was configuring an employee's computer and needed to record the login credentials I'd assigned it). I was dismayed to discover that I could not encrypt the text! Evernote Developers: Please consider making it a priority to develop encryption for Evernote for Web. Thank you!!
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