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  1. ahh ok. how do you troubleshoot errors like
  2. How do I get my entire library, files and all. thank you
  3. this is awesome. not good at scripting and help would be appreciated, how could i get this into a markdown link? thanks in advance [note title](note link) using: tell application "Evernote" set _sel to selection if _sel ≠ {} then set aNote to first item of _sel set the clipboard to (get title of aNote) & return & (get (note link) of aNote) end if end tell
  4. are they afraid that if they implemented a proper url scheme that it would kill a lot of third party dev's apps? i don't get it.
  5. Just came across this post searching for something else. I was a little irked at some misguided comments above. postach.io does not spam people and since I signed up around the Dev cup I've never once gotten an email about "how much?". (edit: I just saw the blog post mentioned, really, you thought that was intrusive?) I've never blogged because it seemed like a hassle, this makes it so easy and streamlined that I might just do it for my friends instead of using Facebook. thank for a great supplement to Evernote. (and no I'm not associated with them, yeah this might sound fanboyish, but it's not right to treat a developer like that.)
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