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  1. Well, after working in EN3b for awhile and reading all of the back and forth here in the forums I think I understand what's happening. Evernote has been forked. There is the original that is EN 2.2. with separate data bases, local storage, tables, templates, cross referenced tags, and more. Then there is EN3b with notebooks, online storage,web access, image search, saved searches, multi and cross platform synchronization, and more. They are completely different programs now. Many here in the forums are wanting all of the options from EN 2.2 added to EN3 and I am starting to feel that they are so different that some of it can't be done. We have had years to tweak the current build of evernote to the way we work. I am willing to bet we have even changed how we work to leverage the power of the current build. What I am getting at is you can't add shoe laces to sandals, a v8 to a bicycle, or all of the power user functions of EN2.2 to EN3b, there just nothing to attach them to. That being said my big question is: Will work continue on with the EN 2.2 core for those of us that have need of it? Let me know what you think. Am I off in left field?
  2. Just ran across Menu Editor, that does what is says. I just removed the listing for Evernote 2.2. I wish it would let me change the wording but will settle for just removing/moving it. http://menueditor.mozdev.org/
  3. What I do is hit right click and then customize and drag the whole bookmarks toolbar up to the navigation bar and wind up with this. Then I disable the empty bookmark toolbar.
  4. I had the same problem, and after having to go trash fishing a few times I started doing the ol' left click right click combo to get to the context menu on the proper note... 2 clicks and a slide much slower than click...
  5. Thank you very much for the information. I feel much better about the security of our data now. Maybe you can get some of that info added to the FAQ for the final roll out. Lack of details about security with all the new cloud based services is the main reason I only use a few of them and actively warn customers away from others. This bit of detail goes a long way to making Evernote3 a keeper along side Evernote 2.2 . Thanks for all the great work and communication.
  6. Synchronization * Notes created in Evernote Portable can now be synchronized. The notes tagged must be deleted before synchronization. Notes tagged with WHAT must be deleted before synch? I am confused... :?:
  7. The bug is still present doing that way also. I am even able to reboot the machine. It is also present with the portable flashdrive client on a machine without the desktop client installed even with a reboot. The password function is broken on the client. This is starting to raise doubts in my my mind about the security of the web based notebooks. Where can I find some details about it. Specifically are our notebooks on your servers encrypted and with what algorithm.
  8. Ok, I just wanted to check here first to see if it has been covered yet. Is there a list of known issues that we can check before submitting an official report? I hate wasting the devs time for the same thing everybody else has reported.
  9. Changing password with Switch option does not do anything. I just changed password to blabla and can still synch. It does check user name but not password.
  10. Just gave that a try. No go. Here is the Sync log. 09:15 * loaded updateCount: 3684 09:15 Authenticating user "manitook" 09:15 EDAMUserException: errorCode=INVALID_AUTH parameter="password" 09:15 Session terminated abnormally, elapsed time: 0s 09:15 * 0s (0%) spent in EDAM RPC
  11. Well, I read most of the posts so far and have not ran across this yet. When I signed up for the beta I used a long password with numbers and letters that is very hard to enter from a phone to access the mobile version. So last night I changed it on the web site to something really short and easy. That broke Synch with the desktop version. Is there a way to change the password for the desktop version to match the web view? If not, there needs to be. For security I change all my important passwords once a month and any site that holds my personal data is important.
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