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  1. Actually I got the SSL error on opera even when using the insecure login... Anyway, Evernote is working again for now - but I've been wondering if long notes titles might have exploded the stupid motorola browser. In "Recent notes", it would be nice if the titles would be limited to few words. They can take quite a bit of screen estate otherwise... Erik.
  2. I used to be able to go past the "Enter" page last week but now I cannot anymore. I cannet even get on the main page and see my list of notes. I suspect it is my stupid cell phone that rejects something from the main page - especially because this was working last week. I tried with Opera mini also, but it fails with some SSL errors. Erik.
  3. I'm getting "413: Page Cannot Be Displayed" on my Razr. I know it's an old phone - but my cell service provider won't give me a good upgrade until a while... It seems to have something to do with the content and the notes themselves - sometimes it works perfectly. Any clues? Erik.
  4. I would like to get a decent mobile phone for accessing evernote offline and creating new notes. I was originaly considering a Windows Mobile phone, but after reading some threads here about the client, it sounds like it is not too useful because it requires to be constantly connected - which would probably blow a cheap data plan quickly -. How well do blackberries and Symbian mobiles work with IMAP offline access? Erik.
  5. Ok I captured a stack trace when evernote crashes using process explorer. I don't know if that's any help... Erik.
  6. On the latests versions, it doesn't happen all the time... I suspect somekind of timing between the time you suspend and when ev needs to synchronize. Thanks for looking into the issue! Erik.
  7. It's impossible to know what their opinion is on this topic. I'm not planning to install symbols and other diagnostic tools (not sure many other users will) just for debugging evernote. If they need help on this, they can ask.
  8. I have a tablet PC under Vista and when I create a text note, the Tablet Input Panel doesn't show up as option.
  9. On Vista, after resuming from standby or hibernation if I had left evernote running, it is quite likely that evernote will be sucking 100% of CPU resources (strangely, this is not user time but system time). I believe it is trying to synchronize... Since this is not user time but system time, I suspect somekind of graphical bug with the notification icon.
  10. We have a private, locked cage at a guarded data center that can only be accessed by a small number (3) of Evernote operations staff that have a key and are on an access list at the data center. All system and database access is also restricted to these three staff members. Network traffic from the Internet can only reach these servers through a set of firewalls and Level 7 switches. The user database is on a separate subnet that is only accessible from the application servers. All remote administrative access to these servers is restricted through a hardened gateway server that requires encrypted communications and a password known to the same 3 people. This is very good but still not secure enough for storing "enterprise data" on evernote 3. As a good example, some folks mentioned they store customer names and others on evernote. This data simply shouldn't be stored in plain format on any external system. The weak point here is not necessarily your server but the user access (by password) can be major security issue (eg. someone finds another user's password). Not to mention if by accident any of this data goes on plain http, then anyone in the middle can read it. I believe this should be an option for notebooks; you can create "normal", "secure" or "local" notebooks. In the secure mode, you cannot see the notes from the web and they sync encrypted. The key is only on the clients. That is true but the simplicity and easy of use of Ev 2.2 synchronization beats hands down an offsite backup system. Not to mention that in corporation, you won't be able to easily buy an offsite backup but buying a software such as Ev is much easier. Again, this secures the access but not necessarily the data. Erik.
  11. I would expect something will happen in regards to private/secure data. No matter how appealing storing in the cloud sounds, Evernote would loose a share of market if they can not provide an acceptable solution for managing confidential data. So far the "local" notebooks are not really an acceptable solution. And if they launched the beta program for feedback, they sure got alot on this. Erik.
  12. My thoughts: - local notebooks are good but don't solve some of my issues: share private notes between computers but not the cloud, also without replication between computers, I would have to setup a backup system. So I'm planning on keeping all my work notes in Evernote 2.2 and all my personnal stuff in Evernote 3. - closed tags in the tree don't display notes from subtags - right now, after importing my evernote 2.2 notes and deleting the notebook I'm having the following error 11:18 68% Creating server tag "Health" 11:18 68% EDAMUserException: errorCode=DATA_CONFLICT parameter="Tag.name" 11:18 68% Session terminated abnormally, elapsed time: 48s 11:24 0% Authenticating user "CadErik" 11:24 0% Connecting to preview.evernote.com 11:24 0% Client is up to date with the server, updateCount=205 11:24 0% Updating server items 11:24 15% Creating server tag "Health" 11:24 15% EDAMUserException: errorCode=DATA_CONFLICT parameter="Tag.name" 11:24 15% Session terminated abnormally, elapsed time: 3s 11:27 0% Authenticating user "CadErik" 11:27 0% Connecting to preview.evernote.com 11:27 0% Client is up to date with the server, updateCount=205 11:27 0% Updating server items 11:27 15% Creating server tag "Health" 11:27 15% EDAMUserException: errorCode=DATA_CONFLICT parameter="Tag.name" 11:27 15% Session terminated abnormally, elapsed time: 1s"
  13. To what I understand, when there will be local notebooks, you'll be able to have as many notebooks in one file but only the ones you select will be synched into the cloud. I personnaly don't care if all the notebooks are in one or many files. Unless they bring one day "corporate" evernote servers, I'll miss the ability to sync the local notebooks between all my computers. With EV2, no need to worry about backup but with EV3 and a local notebook on a laptop this is a different story :-( The folder synchronization was a great feature of EV2. Erik.
  14. Ok the wep access works however there is something wrong about your google analytics code. It shows on the wap browser... It shows in the end of each page the _uacct and urchinTracker();. Erik.
  15. I assume you are using IMAP settings described at http://www.evernote.com/support/beta/imap/, right? Yes absolutly... However by looking at your screenshots, I'm not sure this would work anyway... I think the razr only reads the inbox. I'll bug the customer service but I have the feel they won't know anything about data access... I'll try again the URL for the mobile hopefully this will work better! Erik.
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