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  1. Right-click on the tag to delete it.
  2. Our affiliate program for partner applications doesn't send people to our "buy Evernote!" page, but rather to our general "sign up for Evernote" page. If someone installs an app on (e.g.) their iPhone that refers them to Evernote, then we'll keep track of where that user came from, and give the app developer the first $10 we make from that user, even if it's 6 months later. And we'll do this regardless of how the user pays ... so if the user pays for Evernote via iTunes, we'll still give the $10 referral payment to the partner. We expect most people will use Evernote for a while before upgrading, so there's not much reason for partners to try to force a Premium upgrade on day 1.
  3. We exercise the operating system in more ways than your average app due to things like: networking, database IO, embedded HTML editing, etc. Inefficient emulation of any one of the relevant frameworks could have a disproportionate impact on performance. (E.g. if a single one of the low-level IO calls made by SQLite is 10x slower on Wine, that could account for a massive performance hit for the overall application.) While we're happy if Wine happens to work with Evernote, we do not support or test this configuration.
  4. We do appreciate the feedback, and we are aware of the account level of people opening Support inquiries, so have some good sense about common Premium requests. (Which frequently relate to commerce issues, PDF OCR, etc.)
  5. When you upgrade to Premium, we'll queue up your unprocessed PDFs and OCR them. This can take a few days, but it should get done eventually.
  6. The Mac and Windows platforms are completely separate with different teams of engineers, and different sets of bugs to fix, etc. Mac happened to finish this earlier than Windows, so we released it instead of artificially delaying it for a few months, but we're still working hard to get this done on Windows. Thanks!
  7. I think this is the difference between bookmarks (or a feed reader) and Evernote ... we intentionally want to keep exactly what you saw at that time. If you clip from a web site that later takes down the related page, you don't lose anything from Evernote. You could, however, use Evernote to store bookmarks, either as links in notes, or by clicking on the "source URL" in the note header to go and see the corresponding web page.
  8. I don't want to be ambiguous about this. We've received some rage in the past about compatibility with unreleased operating systems and browsers, so will say it more directly for the record: While we applaud people's willingness to help vendors like Apple do early testing on their products, we do not have the resources to test, fix, and support every pre-release and beta test version of each OS and web browser. We will make a lot of effort to make sure that Evernote works great on (or shortly after) the date that the OS/browser is actually released. But we do not support Evernote on unreleased alpha- or beta-testing platforms. If you want to avoid hassles and conflicts on your own computer, I'd strongly recommend that you only upgrade to fully released software. I.e. software that doesn't have "developer" or "beta" in the version number on the About screen. (I usually wait a week or two after that on my own computer to let early adopters catch any showstoppers for me...)
  9. No, this forum is for discussing the use of Evernote's service. Partner products in our Trunk are ok, spam ads will be deleted.
  10. Our Mac team has been working on some performance improvements lately, primarily for people with particularly large accounts. This should (for example) make it much faster to search for words within a big account.
  11. You might have hidden the toolbar using: View > Hide Toolbar (or the corresponding hotkey.)
  12. No, we don't plan to ever implement client-to-client synchronization.
  13. From the user interface, it will replace the existing PDF so that it just looks like you modified the original. But under the covers, this creates a separate PDF file which needs to be copied up to the server. I just mention this because if you scanned something at too high a resolution so that it was a huge file, then synchronized it, rotated it, and synchronized again, you'd end up using up twice as much quota. If you rotate quickly before synchronizing, then it would only count once.
  14. I'm a little unclear how you're printing one of the notes to a PDF. Are you printing this from within your web browser? If so, the handling of the web page (and formatting into PDF) is done by that browser and OS, not by Evernote...
  15. When you choose the "search notes" option, we don't open a separate dialog, we just put the cursor/focus into the built-in "Search" box in the top-right corner of the main application. I.e. if you choose that menu option and start typing, you should see the words you type appear in the search box, which will narrow down the set of notes you're viewing.
  16. Can they narrow down the IP addresses that are being hit? If you've disabled automated sync, then it shouldn't be synchronzing (i.e. shouldn't hit www.evernote.com). The client occasionally checks for software updates at update.evernote.com Other than that, we shouldn't really be hitting anything else. The only unusual exception is if you've clipped some HTML that has external image links that point to other web sites ... in that case, WebKit may go out and try to grab those images when you view the note in the client.
  17. Yeah, the colors for each quarter of the bar are different so that it's easier to see whether you're above or below (e.g.) 25% without using a ruler on your monitor. It's one of those things that is "clever, but maybe too clever." Thanks.
  18. We like the idea of an Evernote client for the Kindle, but there were some bad combinations of technical limitations and business model (e.g. http://www.pcpro.co.uk/blogs/2011/02/15 ... on-kindle/) that made it a really tough fit for Evernote.
  19. Can you sign in to your account on the web with that browser and view your notes there? Did you change any security settings recently? In particular, did you change anything related to "cookies" or "javascript" (especially "third-party cookies")?
  20. Not directly within our app. If you right-click in the desktop client, you can open the PDF in your preferred desktop PDF viewer, which may support rotation. That will create a separate PDF that will need to be uploaded and processed from scratch.
  21. Individual clients maintain their own Activity Logs, and then we keep log files on our servers, but these aren't available in a real-time UI.
  22. "Requirement" is probably too strong a word ... Apple's policies are enforced by humans rather than automated checks, so there's always some discretion. But our understanding is that we're offering appropriate payment options for a subscription-based service. FWIW, Tech Crunch used us as a canonical example of such a service yesterday: http://techcrunch.com/2011/02/22/jobs-s ... hing-apps/ We're very happy when someone who installs us from the App Store pays for their subscription within the app (via iTunes). I think that Readability's problem was that they didn't offer any such option.
  23. Please try: Quit Evernote from the elephant icon in the menu bar Drag Evernote to the Trash Reboot Now, try downloading the latest version directly: http://www.evernote.com/about/download/
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