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  1. Right-click on the "Drag this to your link bar" here: http://www.evernote.com/about/download/web_clipper.php And add that to your "Links" bookmark section in IE so it will show up in the LInks bar there. On the other hand, most people find that it's preferable to have the local client installed once you get above a handful of notes, since searching and browsing is much faster.
  2. This isn't currently available in the client, but we plan to improve our printing controls in both clients to let you configure things like this. Thanks
  3. You may have better luck with the native web clipping capabilities of either the Mac or Windows client, which may circumvent some of the security and Javascript issues of the light bookmarklet clipper.
  4. Thanks for the feedback. For now, you can copy and paste into the editor for a shared notebook in someone else's account, but there's currently no way to clip directly. We do plan to improve our sharing capabilities in the future, however.
  5. Thanks for the report. I just tried this using a Sprint network card from a moving train, and the auto-complete didn't work on my first try, but then worked fine on subsequent attempts. We'll take a look at it. Thanks
  6. Thanks for the feedback. We've been talking about ways to improve Mac printing options, and are planning to add options like this into the Print dialog in the future.
  7. I just tested this a few times using Firefox 3.5, and autocomplete seemed to work ok for me. Do you see this problem for every tag you type, or only ones with certain patterns/characters in the name?
  8. The Windows application has had ink support for many years ... long before there was a service, or a Mac version. This was developed back when Bill Gates was waving around tablet PCs and telling the world that keyboards were dead. The tablet revolution never materialized, and Apple in particular never chased this trend. (I assume they had a few bruises left from the Newton.)
  9. I don't believe there's an easy way to do this, no.
  10. To clarify - we'll happily store a bitmap image from any graphics program you want to use with an electronic tablet, and we'll take scanned handwriting in JPEG/GIF/PNG formats. If your handwriting is decent, our servers will recognize the hand-written text and permit searching for those notes later. We just don't have a special "vector drawing with electronic pens" mode in the Mac client itself. Thanks
  11. We certainly don't neglect the Mac platform in general ... the Mac has had many features for 1.5 years longer than the Windows client (e.g. thumbnails, etc.). More of us carry Mac laptops than Windows, and I'm typing this on my MacBook Pro. Unfortunately, the only company that makes Mac computers (Apple) has never chosen to build a pen-based Mac or promote ink-based computing. As a result, we're prioritizing features for the Mac that every Mac user may utilize rather than putting our limited Mac programming resources into special input modes for the few who have bought special third-party input tablets. Thanks
  12. Nokia developed this integration using our public API.
  13. If you log in to your account via Safari on the web first, and then start Evernote and try to sync while Safari is running, does that work? We're using the standard OS X networking libraries for HTTP communication, so this is usually handled automatically by the operating system, since we're basically doing the same thing as Safari.
  14. Paul - I checked on your case again, and we've been working with engineering to determine the meaning of the error codes in the Console snippet that you sent. We've sent a solution, let us know if it works. I also checked on your other two submissions from September. Both of these were submitted as Product Suggestions (via http://www.evernote.com/about/contact/suggest.php), which are filed to Product Management folks to read. We do appreciate the feedback we receive via the Product Suggestions form, but but the engineering folks aren't usually going to reply unless they needed clarification on a technical suggestion. ("When you said that we should do X, do mean that you're using X.1 or X.2?") If you have something that requires a direct response from someone at Evernote, the best solution is to use the Support form, since that goes to dedicated people who handle hundreds of inquiries per week, and can track down your answers. Thanks
  15. To open a support inquiry, go to the bottom of: http://www.evernote.com/about/contact/support/ That form lets you tell us who you are (so we can find out that you have a Premium account), and asks for a bit of information about your problem (Windows, Mac, etc.). This is the only official way to request support. I checked within our ticketing system, and I only see one inquiry matching your email address in the last week and a half. It was submitted yesterday via that web form, and it appears that Heather replied within 11 minutes unless I'm mistaken.
  16. The 3.5 Beta doesn't yet have native clipping support in Firefox or Thunderbird, but this is something we're planning to address for the 3.5 release. Thanks
  17. sorry, I meant the beta Evernote for Windows, version 3.5, not the beta version of Firefox. If you're trying the new Windows Evernote client (beta), the FF clipper won't clip to that client.
  18. The Mac will be able to display existing ink content (e.g. from your Windows or Windows Mobile client) relatively soon, but we don't currently plan to add the ability to create ink notes on the Mac.
  19. If you're running the Windows client version 3.1, then the clipping should go directly to the Windows application. Try uninstalling our Firefox plug-in, restart Firefox, and reinstall from: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/8381 If you're running the new 3.5 beta, the Firefox plugin doesn't yet talk directly to the 3.5 beta client, but we'll be updating the FF plugin soon to add this capability. Thanks
  20. This is used for our clipping, and also our global hot keys (like Ctrl-Cmd-F to find in Evernote), which works even if Evernote is not yet running. There's no way to prevent the Helper from running.
  21. tlfillin - Could you run the Configuration Utility to gather more information? (See my reply, above.) Thanks
  22. On Windows, we will use the same proxy settings as Internet Explorer. If you can log in to our web site from IE on your Windows computer without any errors or warnings, then Evernote should be able to sync unless your firewall is very aggressive. On Mac, we will use the same proxy settings as Safari. If you can log in to our web site from Safari on your Mac without any errors or warnings, then Evernote should be able to sync unless your firewall is very aggressive.
  23. There isn't currently a way to do this in the UI, but thanks for the feedback. You can also right-click to open the PDF in your preferred desktop viewer instead.
  24. Unfortunately, this error occurred on PayPal's web site, so it's a little hard for us to tell what failed. Were you able to log in to your PayPal account before you saw this error? Did you see the screen on PayPaly with the dollar amount and the "Agree and Pay" button? We've heard recently from a few users who had this error on PayPal if they did not have a credit card on file with PayPal first. You may want to try that, and possibly ask PayPal support why they rejected the payment. You could also try paying with Google Checkout instead. Thanks
  25. Could you try installing the RC1 of Evernote 1.4.9: viewtopic.php?f=38&t=11682&start=0 If that doesn't work, try synchronizing manually and then run the Mac "Console" application and copy the last dozen "Evernote" lines you see there.
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