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  1. I've never seen this behavior before. Did you install the application in the normal memory location, or did you move it to the SD card?
  2. On your work computer, instead of using our integrated Safari clipper button, you could use our Javascript-only "bookmarklet" web clipper, which you can install from the bottom of: https://www.evernote.com/about/download/web_clipper.php
  3. We do have a full-time engineer working on a WinPhone7 version, which will match up pretty well with Nokia's corporate direction for future phones.
  4. You can either clip and then use the "Simplify Formatting" to remove all of the CSS, or else you'd need to print to a PDF instead, and then add that PDF to Evernote to preserve the precise formatting from that particular web browser.
  5. We just got a couple of the new tablets (including a Xoom) yesterday, and we plan to do a better job with these devices in the future now that we have access to hardware.
  6. If you can't sync your desktop client, there may be more information under: Help > Activity Log...
  7. We found a bug where the service may not properly index the text from OCR'ed documents in some cases, which means that searching from web or mobile may not work. This will be fixed tomorrow night.
  8. Open a support inquiry at the bottom of: https://www.evernote.com/about/contact/support/
  9. If you do move Evernote to the SD Card, you can't use the desktop "widget" functionality in Android. (This is an Android limitation ... the OS doesn't let you use a Widget with any app that runs from the SD Card.)
  10. Thanks for the suggestion. Launching an external application is a little rough on iOS, since there isn't as clean a way to go back to the original app. That's why we display the map inside our own app, so that you can go back and forth from notes to map more smoothly.
  11. Yes, the protocol is designed to always bring clients up to date with the server. The server is the "master" in the synchronization scheme.
  12. Try the global "clip rectangle..." option that you see under the elephant icon in the menu bar.
  13. If you restore your full Time Machine backup (i.e. all of the "Library / Application Support / Evernote" directory in your home directory), and then start Evernote, we'll try to bring that old database up to sync by retrieving more recent data from the server. The client only tells the server to delete a note if the client has seen a copy of that note before, and you've deleted it on that client.
  14. Please open a support inquiry at the bottom of: http://www.evernote.com/about/contact/support/ Since we haven't seen this problem from other people, we'll probably want to start with things like: Delete Evernote Reboot Reinstall from a fresh download If that doesn't work, we'll want to try rebuilding your local Mac database from scratch.
  15. FYI - we're getting a lot closer to deploying a new PDF processing pipeline that will handle handwriting better than before. Hopefully we can deploy this in the next month or so.
  16. It sounds like one of the clients may have had a problem. If you open a support inquiry, we could investigate further: http://www.evernote.com/about/contact/support/
  17. We did a lot of UI enhancements in the last major Mac release (version 2.0). A few of these were similar to things we'd done on the iPad, but we don't think that a tablet UI and a desktop UI should be the same. There are certain UI metaphors that work great on a desktop (like scrollbars and text-only lists) that don't work on a tablet where your pointing device is a fat finger. So we think that they can have some similarities and some consistency, we don't think that they should literally be the same.
  18. Thanks for the feedback! I've gotten used to the appearance on my Droid, but we tend to tweak this sort of thing every few months, and this is good feedback.
  19. It looks like the Mac client may have disrupted the note in some way. You can try removing the text to see if that fixes it. If not, you can get to the old version via our Note History feature. Our Support group can help you with that if you open an inquiry: http://www.evernote.com/about/contact/support/
  20. When you tried to do the Command-Click to Delete Tags, what did happen? Did you see anything, or did it just return without showing any messages at all? There may be more information under: Help > Activity Log...
  21. It may happen to work under Lion before Lion is finished and released, but we are not going to try to fix every bug in every unstable OS and browser long before they're released. If stability is important to you, wait for the OS release.
  22. That's fixed in the current 2.0.5 beta, and will be in the full 2.0.5 release that should be out soon. Thanks
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