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  1. Thanks, Martin. I think we were planning to make the new web interface and the old one available concurrently for a while, so you could switch over and try the "beta" version of the new UI and switch back to the "classic" one if you had problems. I don't have a date for when the first version will be available, but Jason's early demonstrations are very encouraging. I think the new client will make much better use of space than the old version.

  2. Chrome doesn't give us quite that level of control ... their Extension API wouldn't give us access needed to directly create PDFs, since it's strictly based on Javascript and HTML running in the browser.

    Our Safari plug-in, however, is a native Mac module, which gives us more control (through some ugly tricks).

    It's a bit more of a hassle, but from Chrome, you can do a normal "Print" and then use the "PDF" drop-down in the Print dialog to print directly to a PDF file in Evernote. That's a bit more work than Safari, but might be worth it if you generally prefer Chrome otherwise.

  3. English version:


    It looks like you may be using an older version, since you're missing an option for the clip destination. Try updating Firefox to the latest version and search for "Evernote Firefox" on Google to install the latest extension.

    The "Clip full page" setting specifies whether to clip the full web page if you don't have any selection. This overrides an option on the clipping dialog when you actually clip.

    The "Destination" specifies where new notes should go in your account. Normally, it will remember the notebook you select when you clip, and use that on your next clip.

    The clip styling option lets you choose whether to include CSS in the clipped content. This makes some notes better looking, but may make them harder to edit.

    The last two options determine what happens if you dismiss the little clipping window without hitting the button to save it.

  4. The search query runs on Evernote just like if you typed the same search into our web interface. This means that some special magic Google syntax will confuse us, so we won't return any notes ... e.g. if you search for:

    clipper site:evernote.com

    That special "site:evernote.com" keyword will be handled in a special way by Google, but won't mean anything to Evernote, so we won't return any matching notes for that search. This means that the feature works best if you're searching for words or phrases.

    No, there's no fine tuning of the searches within Evernote (other than just adding more words to the search).

    The search is processed on our web servers.

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