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  1. I assume that "you can't expect..." is a paraphrase. More likely, the answer was (or should have been) something more like:

    Evernote's data model and search grammar are fairly rich and complicated, and each client is written from scratch using the technology of that platform (e.g. Obj-C Cocoa on Mac, Android Java on Android, etc.). This means that we may have a few bugs in various clients' search implementations that results in different behavior. We appreciate the precise reports about these bugs so we can fix them.


  2. This is an interesting idea, but we have a lot of people already working on good native Mac and Windows clients that integrate with the operating system fairly well. So we're not sure about the value of replacing them with an HTML5 client, which would just do a worse job for a lot of the things you expect to do on the computer. (For example, there's no such thing as a screenshot clipper written in HTML5.)

  3. There's no such thing as a "Symbian" application of the complexity of Evernote ... you need to build for one of the specific profiles of devices to have a UI-based application that can support the features our users expect on one of our clients. (E.g. display of our rich HTML notes.) This means that supporting all of the old legacy phones would require building 3 or 4 different client applications, with very little benefit due to limited new user acquisition on those old phones.

    We spent a few months working on an application to run on one of the Nokia-specific application platforms (Web Runtime - WRT), and decided that the end result wasn't going to be satisfactory for a number of technical and usability reasons.

    Nokia's huge commitment to Windows Phone 7 has definitely justified this product decision, and we'll be very happy to support the next generation of Nokia phones running WP7 with our forthcoming WP7 client.

  4. Thanks for the suggestion.

    Things like this are a little more complicated in Evernote because we store note data in a form of HTML that is then "rendered" for viewing separately on every platform: web (4 different browsers), mac, windows, iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Palm WebOS, WinPhone7, etc...

    So any little tricky special syntax that we add needs to have corresponding rendering code added to every single client, or else we'll receive anger from the users of each platform because we (e.g.) failed to add LaTeX support on BlackBerry, so their notes are unreadable.

    This is why we tend to prefer using existing web-friendly renderings like JPEG, GIF, PDF, etc. rather than ad-hoc markup within the notes for each separate community and feature.

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