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  1. I'm a long time Evernote paid user (Going back to the old 2.x versions), and I have to agree with ghelton. I want some way to lock down evernote. I use Evernote to capture EVERYTHING. Some of this material I just want to keep private - like my journal entries. Now the problem is that some of my devices get shared occasionally like my PC and my iPad - especially the iPad. I don't want someone to just be able to startup Evernote and have immediate access to all my private thoughts, receipts, etc. It is really a very reasonable request to put an 'optional' simple pin / password on launch. It is a quick feature to implement. It doesn't have to be bullet proof, just keep the honest people honest. I really don't understand why Evernote is so resistant to this. I also don't understand why so many users are defending their position.
  2. I'm switching between Mac and Windows pretty much 50/50 now. Not having access to strikethrough either as a shortcut or from the formatting bar on Mac is really starting to bother me. Consider this one more vote for that feature.
  3. No on has any interest in this as a work around to the hierarchical tag issue?
  4. I'm specifically avoiding the touchy subject of hierarchical tags, tag inheritance and sub notebooks here, so please don't bring them up. My request is this: I already organize my tags in a parent child relationship. I have need to be able to assign a whole branch of tags to a note at once. Today I do that by assigning each individually. Ignoring all the complexities of modify the tag behavior, all I want is something like a CTRL-click drag or maybe a right-click drag that would apply the target tag AND all it's parents to a note at once. I notice that if I ctrl-drag today the balloon help says 'drop special', but then does the same thing as regular drag. It seems the code to detect ctrl drags is already at least partially implemented.
  5. When searching across 'All Notebooks' the only way to tell what notebook they are from is the note list. (Windows Client.) It would be nice if the notebook name also appeared on the note bar.
  6. That doesn't work for me because you are not allowed to create duplicate tag names and I have overlapping tags between 'work' and 'personal', such as "notes" and "emails" etc. I need real per notebook tag 'domains'. And when searching all tags merge them together in an intelligent way. It is the one thing that is holding me back from using notebooks. As things are today the only way I can see to achieve this level of separation between work and home is to have two separate evernote accounts.
  7. I have a lot of really long notes and I need the ability to limit a text search to just the note I'm viewing or have opened in a separate window.
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