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  1. Is there any possibility that you can add templates for new notes? To me, this is the most nagging deficiency in Evernote. If you would care to listen, I would be happy to outline a simple way this could be implemented very rapidly. Thanks, Mark
  2. In Evernote for Windows, the first line in the note is used as the title for a note if a title is not specified separately. This feature is either not present in Evernote for Mac, or I cannot find out how to activate it. Is it possible to make this work in Evernote for Mac as it works in Evernote for Windows? Thanks, Mark
  3. Hello: I recently had to rebuild my laptop due to a disk failure. When I installed Evernote for Windows 3.5, I defined a folder with many sub-folders to be imported into Evernote. All files in this folder and sub-folder were already present in the Evernote repository. I incorrectly assumed that files would not be duplicated in Evernote. All of the files in the directory and sub-directory were again added to Evernote, even though they already existed in Evernote. This caused my monthly quota to be exceeded, effectively shutting down normal Evernote operation. When I discovered the problem, I removed all the duplicate files from Evernote. However, the monthly limit problem did not go away. Is there any way to reset the monthly limit problem to accurately reflect what I added to my repository during the month, without the erroneous additions? Also, is there a way to prevent this from happening in the future - preventing duplicate entries from being posted during the file import process? Thanks, Mark
  4. Are there any plans to have an Evernote client for Palm Pre? Thanks, Mark
  5. You're welcome. If you ever make progress in this area, I'd be happy to beta-test it. Mark
  6. Dave: No. Hitting the zero key on the Kindle doesn't take be to the add note link. It works on my Treo, but the only way to get to it on the Kindle is to step through to the last page and then increment down the final line. Mark
  7. It would be helpful if a Quick Note link was available at the top of the Evernote Mobile first page (before or right after the Search box), rather than way down a the bottom beneath the recent note list. This would allow me to very quickly access the note-creation page, rather than scrolling clear down to the bottom to do so. Thanks, Mark
  8. Hello! I am using Evernote as my primary note-taking repository - a convert from MS OneNote. I have also begun using Vitalist as my primary Todo/GTD tool. It would be great if the checkbox/todo items in an Evernote note would be submitted to the Vitalist inbox as a task. That would be similar in concept with a task item in OneNote automatically showing up on the Outlook task list. Do you know if there are any plans for Evernote in this direction? Thanks, Mark
  9. as you are working to improve the editor, is there any way I can get access to the underlying HTML so I can fix the formatting? I simply cannot fix the formatting problems in a long note I just completed using the EN editor - in either the Windows or web editor.
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