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  1. I just bought EN 2.2 in the last big sale (btw. I asked if there will be a new version soon, see the answer below ). I bought it because of the tags, the note linking and the template stuff and the pda client... I really like the perspective to have the notebooks and my stuff online and on my pda, but not without the features mentioned above. Now here is the reply regarding if there will be a new version (btw. I am disappointed how customers are treated):
  2. +1 for full offline access (read and write and tags and all the good stuff)
  3. Hi, I like the new notebook feature (as I had to switch between various files before) but I would even like it more if you would add an option to just show the tags used in the active notebook. Thanks and reagrds C.
  4. Is there a feature list for what is planned? So we could stop begging for our stuff? Like I would start begging for search and replace Regards C.
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