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  1. I, along with many others, hope that moving to the cloud will reduce the daily "not responding" messages we see with Evernote. I've been a user for many, many years and would never go back to handwritten notes. But, trying to use Evernote for a presentation is fraught with peril. You never know when Evernote will simply lock up with the "not responding" message. One other feature I would love to see is regular expression search capability. Nothing can beat regex once you get past the learning curve. Thanks for listening.
  2. HI all, I totally agree with the above users. I'd skipped the last to version update reminders. After I did this one today, to, I thought something blew up and I'd been attacked by malware or something. The new "BRILLIANT WHITE" background is EXTREMELY annoying. How about having an option for more softer backgrounds like sepia or a mild green ... anything but this "BRILLIANT WHITE"
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