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  1. Welcome to the club. It sucks but as they say, better than the alternative. I have progressives but they were adjusted to a natural reading angle and with large monitors I need to tilt my head back for them to work, therefore I don't use them when working at the computer. My current solution is to wear contact lens and then just use readers when at the computer. I might try progressives again but with the division line set higher ... not sure yet.
  2. It is used in shared notes. When sharing you can select edit or just read capability. The read only ones are locked. I agree it would be nice if this function was exposed for all notes.
  3. Nor do it, I'm just providing my opinion and feedback on the feature. That is speculative ... none of us users can really know that. If you tend to have just static templates then most won't mind this limitation. I have a travel packing list (as an example) that I'm constantly updating, so the lack of template editing is very noticeable.
  4. Nor can you directly edit the template. You basically have to create a new copy, make the changes you want and then post as the new template and delete the old. A PITA, at least for me. I really struggle to see how anyone finds value in the template feature. Creating a note, giving it a template tag and then just copying the note when needed works far better for me than the new feature ... my 2 cents.
  5. Hey, nothing wrong with being on the bottom. Oh wait, we were talking about tags ... yeah, I'm ok with that too 😀
  6. If this is a note that you have been working on for ~2 years then Evernote will have note history for it. If you sign up for premium for one month then you will have access to note history and should be able to grab the last version saved.
  7. I don't use the share function much so can't offer much more. I see related issues when I search the forum, so you may not be alone with this problem. I would suggest contacting support to see if they can help further. I think free users can get official help through Twitter.
  8. Is this a notebook that someone has shared with you, or did you create it?
  9. Click on the three dots at the end of the row for the Week 1 notebook and one of the options should be delete notebook. That said, I'm not sure why there is no created by name listed. Is this a notebook that you created, or is it one shared by someone to you? If it is one shared to you and if you were only provided read ability, you may not be able to delete it.
  10. Is there any chance this may be related to the quality of your internet connection? I have a different phone and am just guessing but when I first start the app it triggers a sync and depending on where I am sometimes it is pretty speedy, other times it may appear hung and take a while before the app is usable. I've only noticed this when I have either a poor wifi or cellular connection.
  11. We don't need this discussion period. If you stop engaging, as others have suggested, maybe it will die on the vine.
  12. You are not alone in wanting this. The general request for this is here. You can vote your support in the upper left corner.
  13. Yes, you should always make a backup of your data regardless of which application you use.
  14. Glad to hear it worked.
  15. Try creating a new note and then merge this note with the new one and then try deleting the new note. I've had a few zombie notes in the past and this has worked to get rid of them.
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