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  1. I must say that sub notebooks in conjunction with tags make sense to me. I am a photographer and I have an extensive catalogue of images. These are sorted in 2 ways: 1 a heirarchical file structure which is just a list of folders containing different jobs. Each folder fits onto a dvd for ease of backup. 2 a keyword system which is the same as tags. So I can find/tag images easily across my catalogue using catalogue software. I also use a GTD program called MyLifeOrganised. Its an excellent program and is set up in the same way ie a hierarchical folder system and then "contexts"(tags) which feed into a to-do list. I'm also a big fan of EN and have been using since v2. Whilst I love the program, I think the addition of a hierarchical structure would make it a lot stronger and more intuitive. Cheers, Dean
  2. HI Dave Thanks for the response. I can also view the pdf, but I was hoping for a preview/thumbnail to make visual searching easier. Is this something that might be included in a future release?
  3. I've just bought a new scanner and have been converting a lot of my stuff to pdf. This shows up well on my desktop (either preview or link to file) but I have just gone online to check them out and I dont get a preview of the file, just a link which then opens on my desktop. Can I get preview/thumbnail of the pdf when I'm looking at my notes online? Thanks, Dean
  4. Hi For what its worth, I collect info with evernote and use MyLifeOrganised for GTD stuff Its a great little program with a small footprint and excellent WM integration. Cheers, Dean
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