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  1. Personally, I feel this is unacceptable. *I* should be able to choose what I want to run at login --- even if this means I lose some functionality. For instance, I don't use the clipper or shortcuts -- so why should I be forced to auto start it? Additionally, I have found that on my Mac the battery depletes faster if the helper app is running (during sleep)*. As such, I have found two ways to stop this from happening -- hopefully Evernote will eventually give us a legitimate option to turn it off. *this may or may not be true for everyone. Preferred method of disabling startup of the evernote helper: OSX stores a user's startup items in a file. If this file is locked (get info -> check mark locked) then the startup items cannot be updated. The file in question is located here: /Users/your_username/Library/Preferences/loginwindow.plist Just lock this file and evernote cannot update the login items. Two important notes: 1. The evernote helper will continue to run after you exit evernote but can easily be killed (and won't be added) 2. If you need to modify your startup items then you will have to unlock this file. I think this is a better solution (at least until evernote fixes this problem) than the next option below. More drastic option: Rename the evernotehelper to evernotehelper.disabled. Now it is not added back to login items every time evernote is started. Obviously I no longer get global shortcuts and the menubar icon but I am OK with that --- as I do not use them. Your mileage can and will vary though. Note: this could interfere with program updates. The helper can be found here: Applications -> evernote -> contents -> resources
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