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  1. I’ve actually been using EverNote for more than ten years. Can't remember exactly when I signed up, but my original "Welcome" note is dated 9-24-2006. Check it out: http://www.evernote.com/l/AAE3_oG7yNNPTqYVAPMDnVtHS4TekCYfC6A/ I don't remember which version I started with. I know for sure I was using version 1.5 back on April 1, 2007 (more than 10 years ago). That was back when EverNote had a blue theme (which I preferred) and a much different logo (shown below), long before the "green elephant" made its debut. Welcome to EverNote®!To create a note, click on the New Note button above. Every new note is appended to the end of the endless tape. All Your Notes in One Place Copy/Paste or Drag/Drop any content from the web or any document. Take Notes in Your Favorite FormatClick the "Note Type" button in new notes to create text, ink, or template notes. Once you have a number of notes, you can filter your tape by categories -- just click category names to the left. Then, to see all your notes, click on the All Notes button above. Press F1 to learn more from our Getting Started Guide or visit www.evernote.com.
  2. Hi Mike, When you have made your changes, shut down Evernote by closing it down properly rather than clicking the 'x'. That way it keeps your settings. Best regards Chris Thanks, Chris. It looks like exiting Evernote from the main menu (rather than clicking the "X" and then selecting "Quit Everenote") solved my intermittent problem. Mike
  3. I've noticed that the Search Bar intermittently changes length when Evernote is completely closed (as in "Quit Evernote") and then the program is restarted again in Windows. When this happens and the Search Bar goes from "short" back to long (where the search bar takes up over half the toolbar space), it removes any toolbar icons that were previously added using right click and "Customize Toolbar..." (NOTE: Support ticket submitted) As for the new appearance/layout in version 5, I must say I'm not too keen on it. I've been using Evernote since version 2, back in 2006, and the colorful blue interface in v2 is still my favorite. I never really cared for the green in v3/4, but even that green was far better than the super-bland gray, flat UI in v5. Despite these issues, I still think Evernote is an incredible product, and I'm sooooo glad it exists. Many Special Thanks to the Evernote Team!
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