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  1. Very interesting thread, guys. I was re-introduced to Evernote today after seeing it up on the http://www.buzzfeed.com/buzz/Evernote site. I had used an older version of EN a while back and never gave it the time required to make it part of my routine. Today I was suddenly energized to properly invest time (and perhaps money) in EN but, based on this thread, I am going to give it a pass. It's not that I don't think EN3 wouldn't suit my needs just fine - I'm not much of a tag user, for one. It's that the EN team has apparently abandoned its dedicated user base (not a single posting in this thread to ease concerns?!!). If EN3 is going to be a radical departure from EN2, then why not support BOTH versions with updates/fixes rather than expecting paying users to shoehorn their habits into an ill-fitting upgrade? In other words, I have little interest in EN3 (even if it'll be good for me) because based on what the EN team is doing to the EN2 users, it's just as likely they'll strand me with an incomplete EN3 when they decide to again shift gears for EN4. A word to Phil and Company: Wait until you're more than a bit player in the information industry before turning your backs on those who've been nudging you up the ladder.
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