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  1. Can we get a simple time picker? For example: I want to tap on a time button A drop-down appears: 12 1 2 3 2 etc... Tap AM Or PM Button Next to it. AM PM Date Picker is perfect- no changes needed.
  2. I understand. Thanks. However, it would appear that my notes, old tags and notebooks are all gone. I still have some but not all. I was hoping to open up the old files and compare, but I know that many are gone. Nothing in trash.
  3. I do have web access to my account. Not sure what the master contains and how it compares to what I had. In terms of deleted items, can those be restored, and are those retained on server?
  4. I do not that I know of. Can you explain what is needed and I will let you know what can be done. In terms of the database, it is simply a time machine backup database folder containing the enl files. I've been trying to wrap my head around how I can port this in some way shape or form. Any help is appreciated. My mac required a complete wipe and I was unable to recover my files after 2014 in time machine.
  5. Excellent, thank you for reading my first post and understanding this is Mac. The point is moot then. Unless someone has a solution for Mac.
  6. I don't think I am making myself clear. I would gladly use the conversion software if I could access it. The links provided above do not work. They lead to pages that say the content is missing or no longer there. I hope that helps.
  7. These files are not accessible. I have a time machine backup of databases I tried restoring the version of evernote that those databases came from but it would appear the import did not work.
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