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  1. Got a similar problem, most likely since last stable version, but currently trying on latest beta. Using Windows 7 64bit on a quad-core CPU with SSD. CPU utilization is constantly between 10 and 25%. But although I'm connected to network (and sync works fine), Evenote update checking as well as Atlas shows that there is no network connection. The activity log shows: 12:26:37 [3808] AutoUpdate: checking for update at: https://update.evernote.com/public/ENWin5/update.xml12:26:37 [3808] The system is off line.12:26:37 [3808] AutoUpdate: checking for update at: https://update.evernote.com/prerelease/ENWin5/update.xml12:26:37 [3808] The system is off line.12:26:37 [3808] Error retrieving update details: Diese Netzwerkverbindung ist nicht vorhanden. (2250)Also recently, startup CPU utilization (and time needed) has excessively increased. I have a rather large database (10 GB), but previous versions were still snappy. Database optimization via Debug menu hasn't helped. - Andreas
  2. Are there any error messages near the bottom of your activity log (Help -> Activity Log) after you view Atlas in this scenario? No, there are no error messages (apart from the usual "Failed to execute native function: Unsupported function 'SetProgressBar'", which has always been there). I only have "Loading atlas page". Even forcing Evernote to download the Atlas files again (by locally deleting the respective folder) hasn't changed anything.
  3. Have a similar issue, but not identical issue with Atlas (ticket # 248509) where since recently (must have been related to geo-information in some note) it does not open. Atlas only shows the first overview icon and nothing further. Occurs both in the stable and the most recent beta version. Just to add this when you're working on the Atlas issue. Happy to help to resolve this, but I haven't heard anything since opening the ticket.
  4. Previously, I have been using the account switching feature quite frequently, quickly, and reliably. But since V5, it does not work in most of the cases except for immediately after a system reboot. When trying to switch from one account to the other, I get a CONNECTION_STILL_OPEN error message. Afterwards I could re-login, but that doesn't help: I cannot login to any of the two (premium) accounts. Stopping evernote doesn't help; only complete Windows restart. This is a real showstopper. OS: Windows 7 64bit. This has been present already in Beta2.
  5. During the last days I had some extensive testing. Feels good! - after the initial long reindexing period where Evernote was unusable. But a few issues: Keyboard navigation in snippet view is broken, jumps around rather randomlySwitching accounts very often produces CONNECTION_STILL_OPEN errors which can only be solved by rebooting WindowsSome suggestions for improvement as others have stated: the new tagging behavior is very error-prone - often I create new tags I don't wantI can live with the two-click location adding, but removing or changing location data is tedious, often the maps link opens instead of the drop-down menu Why not change the geo-location for multiple selected notes (similar to the tagging)?A toolbar button for copying the evernote url (not the sharing url) would be usefulAs I geo-code a lot of notes (most of them manually in the Windows client as I am not at the respective location when creating the note): the Atlas view is great, but it would be even greater if you could manually refresh the view after changing notesyou could drag around existing geo-coded notes (probably best in a separate edit mode)create new notes by right-clicking on a location on the mapmultiple notes at a single location could have at least a preview list of what's thereHope that helps.
  6. Thanks for the new Beta, but unfortunately after installing on Windows 7 64 Bit (upgrading from latest stable), I receive the error that Sqlite3Fts3InitTasTermsModule was not found in LibSQLite.dll. Manually removing and reinstalling the Beta 5 doesn't help either. Update: Also cannot cannot get Evernote 4 to run again after reinstall. Same error (as amirmasoudabdol below). Update 2: You can get Evernote 4 to run again by (i) deinstalling Evernote 4, (ii) manually removing the directory Evernote from Program Files (x86)\Evernote\Evernote and then (iii) reinstalling Evernote 4 - installs then into AppData
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