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  1. I have lots of complex, VERY long notes where I need to add images in the middle of the note... -it is VERY frustrating that there is no way to do this in the Web version of Evernote!!! we need a Paste facility, at point of cursor
  2. having to refresh the web browser and reload the WHOLE PAGE is horrendously slow and tedious... ...cannot believe in this day and age, when Facebook allows you to do zillions of things within a page, that you cannot design a way to refresh just the Notes list without reloading the whole page!!!
  3. Since I installed 6.7 for Mac it now takes TEN MINUTES to sync one note of 4.6kb to the desktop!!! During this time one cannot access notes, add notes, delete notes etc. THIS IS TOTALLY UNWORKABLE!!!!!
  4. I have the same issue: -EN web clipper button appears (and works ok) in Toolbar, BUT... -EN options are missing from context menu if you right-click on page: this is IMMENSELY ANNOYING as I used this all day to clip images to EN! -also "Webclipper" is greyed-out in the Tools menu on FF 37.0.1 on Mac with Yosemite; desktop EN 6.0.8 direct
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