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  1. Suggestion: The EN note function allows numbered lists. However it does not provide for an outline function where you can easily re-arrange entries up and down and from Grandparent to parent to child. An example of a program that works well is NoteMap from Lexis/Nexis which has not been updated in years. Paul Lurie
  2. On 12/27/13 I reported that I could not get the Scan to Evernote utility to work with the new Brother ADS 2000 scanner. It must be the season, but suddenly the utility caused Evernote to appear on the list of output options when I clicked on Control Center 4 OCR button which is the software that manages the scanner. I can now scan to directly to Evernote The Brother scanner is much less expensive than the ScanSnap Fujitsu scanners and is Twain based. The advantage of the ScanSnap software is that you can specify a Notebook before you scan. Paul
  3. I am using a Brother ADS 2000 scanner which does not recognize Evernote as a program. However, the Brother scanner has settings that allow capture in searchable or non-searchable PDFs. Those are easily imported into Evernote. Of course the notebook and tag must be set manually. I could not get the utility to work because it had problems using the ENscript path. Paul
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