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    Forum Digest: December '20

    I also learned that lesson. For whatever reason, I had to turn off ALL updating and now must manually update all other apps on my phone. But I would rather do that then lose time trying to adjust my work flow to match the new EN that does not offer many of the tools that I depend upon. 

    Hope EN gets their act together soon! I haven't found a replacement yet! 


    Forum Digest: December '20

    On 12/19/2020 at 5:00 PM, Joe_D said:

    The Android release post that is linked in this digest is a dead URL. The post was apparently removed. Is there a new link or was feedback simply too negative to leave it up? I'd love to read more about it, as I currently cannot sync any notes to my Android smartphone (Google Pixel 3). 

    Someone on another thread listed a 3rd party APK site to be able to re-install the previous Android version. I managed to get back to the June 2020 Android version and things are back to normal... 

    Thank you Tavor. "If I were on v10 and wanted to roll back, I'd get the prior version apk from this site (have used them multiple times in the past, never had any malware): https://www.apkmirror.com/apk/evernote-corporation/evernote/evernote-8-13-3-release/"

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    Forum Digest: December '20

    The Android version 10 is, at best, a beta version closely related to the POS released for the desktop version (iOS & Windows). First, EN should have communicated the rollout and, second,  given us the opportunity to choose whether to install or not. I do not 'get' this fascination with 'dark mode' and that it is some sort of a programming breakthrough. Really,  too much white space? 

    This app is not intuitive - have you tried to find the sync function yet? - . It slow to load and slow to respond to menu selections. And if you are worried about white space - it could use a bit more and not eat up the screen with oversized elements like the TITLE - which is headline size - and note formatting bar where the quick actions are now in a buried menu. 

    I want the old version back until this one is fixed. Where can I download & install it?


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