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  1. So you've saved and loaded a note several times over the past week but none of those revisions are showing all of a sudden, do I have that correct?


    Obvious thing to check in evernote web: make sure you've clicked all notes on the left side of the browser to make sure you've refreshed the view to show all notes, in case its just loading a particular notebook by default.  Look at all your recent notes to make sure you didn't inadvertedly rename a copy to something else. - make sure there's not a conflicting notes folder with the note in it.


    Less obvious things to try: look in the trash (lower left corner) to make sure there wasn't a newer copy that ended up there somehow.  


    If that doesn't work it couldn't hurt to try opening a support ticket... burgers signature has the link.


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  2. Y

    With Evernote, I have a bunch of files on my computer and I transfer them into Evernote.  Then I decide to stop using Evernote and want to switch to another service.  I can't just grab those files in bulk and put them back into a folder in my computer and have them be exactly the same as they were before, ready to drop them into another service.


    Yes... that's a disadvantage of Evernote.  It doen't work the same way dropbox does, which is both good and bad.


    At any rate, if you wanted to pull all of the PDF's out of Evernote in native format, for example, you could do an html export of all notes and then do a windows desktop search in the exported folder for *.pdf and then cut and paste the results, which should be all your PDFs, into a folder on your computer. 


    I think there's also a way to right click a note and "save attachments" in Evernote but I don't know if it works with more than one note selected off hand.

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  3. Answering my own question, this review states "Pencast PDF is due in Q1 2013, embedding notes – complete with audio – into PDFs that can be opened up in Adobe Reader 10 (or newer). Considering the HTML5 player requires a web connection, that will clear the way for offline playback; it also adds another level of security, since there’s no way to password protect a shared HTML5 note sent from Evernote. As long as someone has the URL, they can play back your recording; Livescribe tells us that updated security settings to address that are coming in the next important feature release."

    Not good folks, I guess when they reimplement pencast it may not be so bad, but right now it seems like you'll lose all your data if Livescribes server goes down.

  4. Just a little warning though - that page that B&F linked to has the "old" format Pencast, that were in PDF format and required Acrobat to play. The one I linked to is the "new" format Pencast, which requires a browser capable of HTML5 and for you to be online to play.

    So wait, if I'm not sharing a Livescribe note with the new pen, is a local copy of the livescribe notes saved in Evernote desktop, where I can view it offline, or is this now a cloud only thing?

  5. @shimra - Use the search expression sharedate:* to get all individually shared notes in return. Currently this attribute is picked up when searching via web client. Thanx for the feedback.

    This does not list the shared notes for me, in either the new Web client or the EN Win 4.3 Beta 4 client.

    After a quick test, I believe this search only works with notes that are edited after they are shared. If notes are shared but not edited afterwards, they won't turn up.

  6. First off, the new sharing feature for individual notes is really cool! (I bet you got the idea from Dropbox!) It's almost like have linking between notes isn't it? I wouldn't mind if you took it to the next level for private accounts...

    I do have a concern about it, though. Is there any way to actually get a list of what notes I'm sharing individually? It seems like the only way to check is to click "sharing properties" on a note by note basis in the latest windows beta, I can't be expected to do this for every note in the database. Am I missing a feature somewhere?

    You can edit a note after its shared, and it would be easy to forget a note is shared, and edit it to add something that was meant to be private, which is why I think we need a way to check which notes are shared so we can revoke them...

  7. If I click a notebook and then type something in the search box, Evernote will just search in that notebook (as I believe it should)

    However, if I click a stack and then type something in the search box, Evernote will search my entire account, not limit the search to the stack.

    Tested in Firefox 3.6 on windows.

  8. Wow, its a lot faster than the old version when loading, isn't it? It looks like it will be much improved over the current version due to speed alone.

    Quick thoughts:

    1) It really could use a "open note in new window" sort of thing, like the current version has.

    2) I see you can drag notes in order to assign them to notebooks or tags. This is very nice, but its hard to see where the dragged notebook is hovering. I think you should tweak this, to make the text its hovering over darker, and possibly make the drag icon a little smaller. (I opened it in Firefox 3.6 windows)

    3) its cool that it now allows sorting by name.

    Keep up the good work!

  9. If you do get an error using NeverNote and don't mind tinkering around a bit to help debug it then please feel free to submit a report to me over at SourceForge or PM me here. If I don't know about the bug I'll probably never fix it.

    I think I've tried to use Nevernote twice in WIndows 7 (tried it once, tried it several months later) and I also had the very large database size, program does not finish the sync, database is corrupted problem. Pretty much gave up on it at this point. If I recall correctly, the program didn't give an error message and simply failed to open again after the database was corrupted.

  10. Its kind of surprising that you still can't sort by name on the web, maybe this is an intentional user interface choice on your part? It always makes it seem to me like the web interface is an afterthought to Evernote,but maybe I'm wrong on that.

    The main issue with your web version is sluggishness. I think someone recently suggested you look to gmail for ways to cut that down (I.E. only show limited results at once)

    Your Evernote/mobile site is very quick, and what I use when I want to do a quick search.

    If you added a notebook list on the left to the mobile interface, some simple buttons, and maybe a editor after you clicked on a link, you'd have a very nice "light" alternative interface that doesn't have the problems associated with trying to load 1000 thumbnails at once.

    Alternatively, you could just have less notes load at once, and a "click to view additional notes" sort of thing with the thumbnails.

    Just some suggestions. I realize revamping the web interface might not be as important to your business plan as expanding the mobile options, and adding other core functionality.

  11. Thanks for the report. I don't see this on Mac Firefox. What OS are you using?

    I tried this on two windows 7 computers and this bug did not appear.

    Its at a work computer, on an XP computer, that the problem shows up. (I also tried this on a windows xp virtual pc drive running in windows 7, and the problem did not show up) I guess its no biggie if this is something configuration specific. (my work computer display adapter says q35 express chipset family, and resolution is 1280 by 1040, in case that helps)

    The inconsistent note count, where the top blank "all notebooks" search list of notes doesn't match the bottom "all notebook" list, seems to show up everywhere, however.

    Neither bug is a big deal, it just looks a bit sloppy.

  12. My all notebook total is displaying as 222 in the web browser, using Firefox 3.5 on windows, on the lower left side. My total is far larger, 2128 according to the default listing a the top, 2225 according to the lower left and corner "all notebook" listing in internet explorer 7. It seems that the Firefox version is only displaying the first three digits.

    Evernote mobile agrees my note total is 2128. I don't have the client on hand to compare.

  13. Just curious, I currently am using EN for Windows. I sync all my notebooks so they are available on my iPhone and on the web. I am asking myself why I need the desktop software. Can someone please tell me why I need the software installed?

    Off the top of my head. some things can only be done on the desktop, like sorting by note title, exporting to the backup enex format, mass tag changing (I think). I think the desktop handles big databases a little more gracefully in terms of browsing (although the mobile web version is probably quicker for searching).

    The windows version now has a feature where tags unassociated with notebooks are hidden, which is nice for very large databases.

    If you open word or other files contained in Evernote and change them, the web version will require you to manually reupload them to save the changes, while the desktop can automatically upload the changes when you hit file- save when done.

  14. StarPilot's technical explanation is correct. Although I don't know what the cut-off is for "big enough" ... we've passed 500,000 users.

    I would regard the security of data on Evernote's servers to be comparable to the security of your email at a high-quality email provider. If you choose to encrypt your sensitive data, the security for that content is higher.

    I personally use Evernote for medium-sensitivity unencrypted data and then encrypt higher-sensitivity data like credit card numbers and passwords. Everyone should make their own informed decision about how they choose to balance convenience versus security with all computing tools, however.

    Is there any practical use for encrypting credit card numbers and passwords?

    I had thought that U.S. export laws forced weak encryption onto the Evernote program, and that any hacker who knew what they were doing should be able to get past Evernote'snote specific encryption (not the SSL, but the encrypt note feature). Am I correct?

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