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  1. I find so much white space to be a waste of screen real estate I'm missing the left hand bar for heirarchical view of tags I switched back as soon as I could find how.
  2. Gosh wouldn't that be nice. I've been using outlook/palm for notes for almost 10 years and have accumulated quite a few I'd love to get into evernote. I'm not aware of any automatic or semiautomatic way though. Anyone?
  3. I'm sure this is a user problem on my part. I have downloaded and installed evernote 3 beta and can't see any clippers anywhere...I still see my evernote 2.2 clipper in Firefox (my most used function in EN2.2) Can you tell me how to enable the clippers? Or where to find them? The only thing I can see is within EN3 the "launch universal clipper" which works...but isn't as nice to use as the clipper I'm used to from EN2.2 Thanks!
  4. Does evernote 3 have a portable installation? I am interested in maintaining the web aspect of evernote 3. Also, the old versions of evernote portable didn't support OCR in images if I recall. That's a function that I use a fair amount. Thanks for your response...I'd like to hear more.
  5. I currently run evernote 2.2 on my work computer and find it very useful. I'm trying evernote 3 beta and love the idea of online access to my information. I have installed evernote 3 both at home and at work. My computer at work is set to only allow ie to access the internet. (don't ask me about my IT dept's security measures...} Anyhow, I was wondering if I can run evernote 3 strictly offline at work, carry the files home on a SD card, which I sync to my home computer (also running evernote 3) which would then propagate those notes online.
  6. I'm wondering where the local installation of Evernote 3 saves its indexing information? I'm running Evernote 3 on my Asus eee PC (which has a 4G SSD in lieu of a hard drive). Space is at premium for me... I'd like to see how much of my 4G I'm using on notebooks, notebook backups and indexing information.
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