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  1. So I decided to take the plunge the download Firefox 3 RC1. I tried installing the Evernote clipper and get a message that says Evernote doesn't provide secure updates, so it won't be installed. Anyone know a way around this? (Far as I'm concerned, it should be my choice if I want to risk updates not being secure...)
  2. Mine didn't appear until I reinstalled Firefox. Not a big deal for me since I really needed to do it anyway (had gathered too many bloated extensions that refused to uninstall) but I can see how some people might have a problem with that.
  3. Now that it seems the mobile interface will actually load on my Blackberry, I have on suggestion: Would it possible to move the Quick Note box to the top of the page? I realize it's a small thing, but when I load up the mobile version, 90% of the time, it's to make a quick note. Otherwise, I'm digging this. Being able to access my notes over my PDA was the one thing keeping me in Google Notebook instead of Evernote.
  4. Okay, it seems the problem may actually be on Research In Motion's end. I can access the mobile interface through Opera Mini, which uses my cellphone provider's own internet connection - it's the default Blackberry browser, which goes through RIM's servers that can't connect. Anyone else with a Blackberry having a problem?
  5. Hmm...maybe the problem is on my end somehow. Just tried again and I can get to the log in screen, but as soon as I hit "Sign In", I get the 500 error and a message telling me there was an "unexpected condition"
  6. First off, I'd like to thank the Evernote crew for inviting me in on this beta. So far I'm very pleased with the new features...first thing I tried was taking a picture of a business card with my phone and e-mailing it in. Imagine my surprise when even with a crappy 0.3 MP camera on my phone it worked! Then I immediately reached my Blackberry dying to try out the mobile interface since the lack of mobile access was the one thing keeping me from being a heavy Evernote user in the past. Sadly, I was hit with a 500 Internal Server Error. Problems? Or have all the new invitees rushing to try this feature crashed it?
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