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  1. I've been looking for something like this for literally years so thank you Peter ! (and after another 3 hours searching today for the earlier information that I recall BurgerNFries had provided through these forums a couple of years ago (on which specific versions of Evernote are required to upgrade the database schema to the different intermediate levels to get your database up to the latest .exb format and I'd still like to find the post she made on that) it is a pleasant surprise to see her adding to this thread as well. The earlier versions cleaner and quicker GUI is still a clear winner for readability. (That said, the later versions do have a wider range of functionality & compatibility with different systems) I have the v2.3 up and running now alongside the latest version as well so it's a win-win situation here. • Is it possible with EN2Export that some summary information of the exports outcome could be made available, indicating the number of notes that were successfully exported and those that were not ? In terms of note management when performing this activity, I would be looking to know whether the Export was completely successful or partially successful and if partial, what were the exceptions that require further handling. (I have well over a hundred separate Evernote v2.1.327 databases (the very last Evernote before online storage and subsequent syncing of notes was started) with several thousands of notes in some of them.) THANK YOU for making this available.
  2. Jerome. Can you put up some info on the ExportEvernote website regarding the "System Requirements" (for want of a better term). I attempted to use your software but while it could see folder names it couldn't see any files at all (not just Evernote filetypes) on my Win8.1 system. Would also like to know whether 'EE' will handle the older .enb filetype if it could see the files at all for that older Evernote format to be selected. Cheers.
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