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  1. Will there be a strong encryption option for those of us in the US and other countries deemed nonthreatening by our government?
  2. I love superior jerks that want to admonish people for expressing a thought. Who cares if a gripe turns out to be unfounded? Probably more person than one had the same gripe and because it brought up here they all know that private data is stored locally and is available offline. Open communication has value. It's ok to be incorrect. Wrong ideas often lead to breakthroughs. Don't let some smug jerk keep you from posting.
  3. I've given up on the beta because I need instant response from my note application. I use it as a replacement for sticky notes. Every call, every work action gets a note. I'm back on 2.2. I'll keep trying new versions until this issue is resolved then I'll be back on the 3.0 wagon. This is also assuming that I'm given some option to blanket encrypt all of my notes.
  4. I really like this idea. I have reverted to 2.2 because I don't want my data on these servers. With p2p I could leave one of my systems up and sync between them as necessary. I would again use 3.0. That is if they had already fixed the annoying freezing every time I start a new note.
  5. Is there no structured export in 3.0? Can I really only export to html or txt?
  6. Is there a good way for me to export all of my notes currently in 3.0b and bring them into 2.2? I want to revert until the freezing problems are fixed.
  7. This is exactly what I want. I want to use public key encryption so that only my endpoints can display decrypted data. This would make all thin-client implementation on mobile and through browsers ineffective but it would give me the major benefits of 3.0 which are, for me, the ability to have my same notes across all of the computers that make up my work and life.
  8. I'm afraid that I won't be able to use Evernote 3+. I'm very concerned about sensitive work information falling into the wrong hands. I use Evernote for EVERYTHING. It is my memory replacement. I put customer information, phone numbers, addresses, and other details that I wouldn't want anyone seeing. Forcing me to keep a copy of everything on your servers is nearly a deal-killer. I've already dealt with this fear with gmail, google docs, etc., and have come to some level of comfort with Google after they fought the Justice Department to keep them from getting user queries that contain private information. I don't know your company's philosophy. I also don't know that you will not sell your company to another company that will violate my privacy. Because of how useful Evernote is to me I put too much information in it to risk exposing it to others. I need the ability to encrypt everything in my notebook and for it to be stored encrypted. I want to use the sync features. I have 5 different computers that I use Evernote on and I love the sync in EverNote 3 beta. I don't think the reward is greater than the risk, though. Please find some way to let me continue using this fantastic product.
  9. I have 2 computers with Evernote 3 beta installed. On both when I first start typing in a new note after getting about 3 characters on the screen Evernote freezes. If I continue to type it will often get the whole of what I typed. Other times some of the strokes are missing. Sometimes the freeze can be up to 20 seconds. Sometimes it's just a few seconds. But, it is repeatable on two computers and happens every time with a new note. Desktop Computer 3GHz P4 2GB RAM Windows XP Pro SP2 Tablet PC 1.2GHz Core 2 Duo 2GB RAM Windows Vista Business (no SP1 yet) BTW, my brother and I both bought the full version of 2.2, not because we needed the extra features, but because we want to pay for Evernote. We are both addicted and don't want to live without it. After playing with the ability to index text in scans, however, we now need the features we thought we didn't need. Thanks for the fantastic product. I don't want to go back to the time before Evernote.
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