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  1. After sign out Evernote win 4, normally you need enter ID and password to re sign in Evernote. But with registry hack, we can easily bypass the ID/password screen. Only one step is necessary: modify the "LastLogin" key value as the user ID, in [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Evernote\Evernote], and Evernote will open the specific local database directly. It's not good for multi-users on one PC, but on the other hand, it's helpful for those who cannot connect internet after sign out Evernote. PS: One user (keeds) reported this issue on my blog, after my test, it's true. Full detail can be read in Chinese: http://xbeta.info/evernote-05.htm
  2. It can input Chinese very well. But can not search Chinese well in 3 beta. Chinese is characters one by one, with no space; not words one by one with space. In Evernote 2, Chinese can be searched with *汉字 or “汉字 now in Evernote 3 beta, * or " will not work. 汉字 will match "abcd 汉字………………", that is a space before it, so Evernote know it is a "word". but cannot match “的的的汉字的的的的" "abcd汉字…………" or see this flash: Wish a new beta will solve it.
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