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  1. As others have already mentioned, having a Styles menu would be a welcome addition. Also a Format Painter to copy and apply styles. It looks like there are some issues handling horizontal rules/lines <hr>. If you position the cursor right before it and start typing, the text will be placed either above or below the line depending on whether you reached the <HR> from above or below it. Also hitting {Enter} when the cursor is before the line deletes it.
  2. When using the Web Clipper, in addition to selecting clip type, notebook and tags, it would be helpful if we can edit the note title before saving it.
  3. Thanks for the link JMichael. However, the supposedly incorrect syntax of listing the Tag before Notebook works in the browser version.
  4. There appears to be a bug in the Windows Desktop Client when searching for tags within a notebook. I'm using version This Search syntax works: notebook:.journal tag:.tech This Search syntax does not work: tag:.tech notebook:.journal So basically if Tag is before Notebook, no notes are found. Please note that the Browser version does not have this issue and works as expected. Thanks.
  5. Thanks s2sailor. I was not aware of that option and it is helpful. I'm just curious, how did you know about this option? I do not see a menu option to toggle horizontal vs. vertical but the keyboard shortcut you mentioned works. It not even listed in the KB: https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#!/article/23168552
  6. Thanks for the tip Jeff. I was suggesting this for the Snippet and Card views and not the List view. The reason I don't use the List view is because it takes too much of the vertical screen space. So if the other two views have a 4th column to display the tags, that would be helpful. Think of the 1st column with Shortcuts, Notebooks, Tags and what have you wrapping around to a 2nd column. Having Notebooks in column 1 and tags in column 2 can offer a nice way of filtering notes.
  7. One suggestion that can prove helpful for users with many notebooks and tags is to add another (4th) column to the Snippet and List views to display Tags in it. I find it tedious and time consuming having to scroll through my many notebooks and tags in the first column of views. In fact, I usually don't, I just use search or notebook search/type-ahead. But if tags were more accessible, I would use them more often. With laptop and desktop computer screens being wide, vertical space is more precious than horizontal space nowadays. I think a fourth column will fit nicely on most computer screens. If this is not the correct place for suggestions, I hope a moderator can move.
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