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  1. This is going from bad to worse. I re-ran the procedure (see the following command window) I then began to install the Evernote 4 application and recieved the following error message At this point I am going to execute a restore point and then I think I will stay away from this application for awhile. I know the installer worked as recently as this morning as I installed a small application that executed smoothly.
  2. I have downloaded the evernote versions file again and executed the instructions as identified: 1. Download EvernoteVersions utility from this link http://s.evernote.com/evernoteVersions and save it on your Desktop 2. Click Start (Windows Logo), then Run 3. In the search box type: cmd.exe In the cmd.exe window: 4. Type: cd "C:\Documents and Settings\_your_windows_username_\Desktop" 5. Press Enter 6. Type: EvernoteVersions.exe /clean 7. Press Enter 8. When prompted: Clean this product and install location? (y/n):, verify that the product listed is Evernote 3.5 and press y and Enter **** NOTE ***** I do not recieve the prompt as indicated above. Here is a screenshot of the command window after executing the evernoteversions.exe fie. 9. Close cmd.exe window 10. Re-run Evernote 4.1 installer.
  3. I have and posted an error message that I recieved when following the procedure...in other words...that solution did not work either...
  4. I have tried many solutions and am still without a solution. When I tried this recomendation I get the following error
  5. I hate to do this but I am struggling also. I have downloaded the latest installer version and attempted the install but to no avail. worse, every time I restart my computer or have Evernote running i get a pop up: " The installer has detected Evernote 3.5 installation on your computer... the next dialog" System restart id required..." and this is a loop... I have no opportunity to set a directory location for the install and the previous installation attempt does not appear in the remove programs sessions. I also have and C:\Program Files\EverNote\EverNote\Setup but all it contains is an old version 2 install package.
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