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  1. recently downloaded this version to desktop win pc. Two problems 1. it now takes about 30-40 secs to load... (although web side is better... I use chrome) 2. I get a dialog box "Read only Access" request editing rights - when clicked - get message "can't request to edit at this time. which does go away but is annoying.. note: .... I do have 1790 notes currently. Is this the problem? Also I have been saving notes with images lately.... should I suspend saving notes with images as it may slowwwwwwwwwwwwww system down? Any help would be appreciated. thanks
  2. Some people do not need an alarm clock to get up in the morning. I do. Some people do not need to study, research, follow-up on things, plan, keeps digital copies or whatever..... I still do. I use a moleskin, yellow tablet(s), dry-erase boards, and soon (wipeout). The smart people on this forum have taught me how to handle all this using en. If anybody knows forums of this quality please advise! thx -bnp
  3. I recently came across wipebook and was fascinated. It seems however I am too late for ordering a sample that will be shipped in late Jan 2014. (unless I am not reading their website correctly?) For those of us that still use dry erase and small white boards to compile our thoughts and research, (including diagrams) "I am a lacrosse coach" this (to me) seems like a great solution... I am following this topic -bnp
  4. I am reminded of the G. Saxe's "blind men and the elephant." You may use En for 5 records, 500, 50,000, or 50 x 10 tothesixth. Each filer of documents can find a solution in en for all of the above. Color Coding, however, is not for filing of records but can help solve the problems of mis-filing of records. I file just fine til I don't - ergo - I am in favor of viewing all records by color, by stack, by notebook, by tag, and by date. -fwiw bnp
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