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  1. I just got an iPad for work and tried 3 different programs for handwriting, and Noteshelf won for me too. Hands down, the best mix of simplicity, flexibility, smooth writing, and exporting options.
  2. Same issue here. There is one app that does this, but it's not very practical on the small screen of a phone (and I have the HTC Inspire, which has one of the biggest screens around). You write in a space that will fit about one word, and it auto-shrinks it. But you end up with a vertical stack of words rather than an intelligible note. The best thing of all would be to be able to handwrite new notes right within Evernote! But I'd settle for a simple android handwritten notes app that has a "send to Evernote" option. EN, why are all the notetaking apps for apple products???
  3. Neat. My employer doesn't want us using Chrome (not sure if it's a security or support issue) but I might check it out for home use.
  4. Sounds like magic to me! Thanks for the clarification on EN's means of recognizing ink. Sounds like I just need to wait a few hrs and re-sync. That will be awesome.
  5. I'm testing out the ability to search a handwritten note in EN (EN4 Windows client, using Win XP). It doesn't seem to be working the way I expected. Probably I'm doing something wrong, so perhaps someone could help? Here's what I tried: 1. Created a "new ink note" by drawing a few words with my fingertip on little touchpad on the laptop. These are pretty sloppy, understandably... it looks more like words scribbled randomly on the page. 2. Saved the note to my "Test Notebook" notebook. I did not give it a name, as I was hoping that EN would create a name from the first few words. EN did not: the note iss listed as "Untitled Note" 3. Clicked "sync" to make sure my notebooks are all synced between my desktop client and web versions (don't know if that would matter here but I figured why not ) 4. Searched in that notebook for each of the words in that ink note... little words like "if" and "it" and bigger words like "laptop" and "hand" (am I sounding a bit Dr Suess-like?). Every search ended in a "no notes found" response. In other words, EN did not find any of my inked notes. I was expecting the note to be found. Have I misunderstood EN's capabilities? Is the note not being found because my scribbled notes are just too unintelligible? Does OCR not work notes that are directly-inked-into-EN? Is my laptop's way of creating "inked" files not compatible with EN's OCR? Thanks in advance for any help!
  6. I'm a newbie (but am loving EN 4!) so if this has been asked/requested before, please don't hold it against me. At least I tried searching first to see if it had. Anyway, this is my request. When I clip bits of informatiom (most often, webpages or parts thereof) to send to Evernote, it would be so great if I could also add a quick note to myself as to why I'm clipping it. Here is why: - Often times the info I'm clipping does not contain the word(s) that I would search on to find it later. For example, the clipping might contain a link to a site that gives useful info on certain medical conditions, but the actual medical conditions names are not in the web clipping itself. I could and probably would tag it "medical" but that's too vague to remind me weeks later why that specific site was of interest. And I don't want to add a tag for every new potential subject because that quickly makes my tag list so unwieldy it becomes useless. (speaking from experience here, already!) - Second, it would allow us to seamlessly capture our flow of thoughts while they are fresh on our minds, rather than have to go back and construct what it was that made the clipping of interest to begin with. It would be perfect if this functionality were added in the same smooth way that we can now tag and select the notebook when making a web clipping (i.e. just hit "tab", type info if needed or hit tab to skip, then just hit return). Perhaps even the ability to turn the functionality on or off as a default would be nice. Thanks for considering this request.
  7. Thanks, it does look that way, so Good Folks of Evernote, please consider this a FEATURE REQUEST!
  8. I absolutely loved the auto-tagging that was in the earlier version of EverNote and can't understand why they would eliminate something that was so useful! :? It saved me so much time when "filing" my project notes/emails/documents. It was probably the single biggest reason I used EverNote over OneNote (consider the fact that OneNote was free for me and already installed on my PC!). Perhaps the change over to EverNote 4 left this in the "to do" bin.. I do hope they will consider bringing it back, and soon.
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