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  1. I am still happy with 6.25.1 The lack of local folders is still an issue for me. I'm down to just over 15,000 notes to move off.
  2. Well after all these years of using Evernote, I do see one significant concern for me is the loss of local notebooks..... With over 100,000 notes, I maintain around 30,000 in local notebooks. These local notebooks are mostly confidential and financial related. This appears to be a major deal breaker for me using Evernote. It will be a major project for me to move off Evernote. I will monitor this forum for any updates and alternatives. What features are no longer supported in the new app? This is not an exhaustive list of features, but the most notable include: Local notebooks Presentation mode Context ScanSnap Evernote Edition firmware and software Outlook clipper
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