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  1. I got a Pogo Sketch stylus while I was still using an iPod Touch, and it worked pretty well, but when I lost it, I replaced it with the BoxWave Capacitive iPad Stylus. This one works extremely well. Unlike earlier stylus models I tried, the BoxWave has a firm tip with a semi-spherical surface, so you can write at any angle. As others have said, at minimum I need to be able to record sketches. But besides that, typewritten notes won't work for me. I'm often taking notes on mathematical functions or other situations that require custom symbols. Evernote has enough handwriting recognition for me already-- just make it easier for me to find my notes with search. But I need to be able to input them! Currently I use FastFinga and email my handwritten notes to Evernote, but that's not optimal. I can't edit them again later in Evernote, and Evernote doesn't pick up the categories I use in FastFinga and file in matching notebooks. I can't move notes between notebooks within Evernote on iPad, so that forces me to manage my notes from a desktop, which is a pain if I'm on the road for a while. The reason I carry the iPad is so I won't HAVE to carry a full-sized laptop everywhere. And remember, the iPad doesn't have a camera (neither did earlier iPod Touch models), so we can't just snap an image of a napkin note or whiteboard. I'd upgrade to Premium for the ability to sketch and manage notes directly on the iPad. Until then... I haven't used Evernote in months, and I don't think that's going to change. Which is a shame, because it comes closest to the software I really need, but it's missing those critical features.
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