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  1. I ended up installing IrfanView and instead of Annotate this image I use Open With... IrfanView and Ctrl-R to get to the resize dialog, change resolution, and Ctrl-S to save. Make sure to overwrite the original file in the "Attachments" directory. After saving and exiting IrfanView the picture is update in Evernote.
  2. According to the Knowledge Base Article How to annotate images and PDFs in Evernote resizing can be done with Crop & Resize tool inside annotate and there should be a toggle that allows to switch between Crop tool and Resize tool but apparently Resize tool is only available in Mac. At least that what I think they mean with "Please note that the Resize tool is currently available on the Mac." (I take that they mean that there is only available on the Mac)
  3. How do you resize images inside Evernote for Windows. The Annotate This Image allows me to crop the image but doesn't let me resize it. At least I haven't found what I'm supposed to click to resize. I have see other posts mentioning - Click on the crop button then click on the resize button I do really don't see any resize button anywhere. Can anybody explain where exactly the button is or how to resize the image?
  4. I really hope that the shortcuts/options between Windows and Mac converge at some point, It would make the life of those of us who use both clients easier. Also the set of default fonts for notes is different in one platform and the other. Which gives problems when using monospace fonts for examples, monospace text in mac doesnt look monospaced in windows. See viewtopic.php?f=30&t=9468
  5. Is there any shortcut for strikethrough text in Mac? In Evernote for Windows is Ctrl-T but I cannot find any shortcut for it in Mac. I use the strikethrough text a lot (to mark finished task, etc) and it's really annoying to do "Show Fonts" / click on the Strikethrough icon and select single. Anybody knows a faster way to do it?
  6. Hope that you solve this quick, it's been a while now. This is a must wehen working with technical notes, source code, RFCs, etc.
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