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    Thank you for confirming the obvious. Evernote should provide a warning that it will not work without a continuous connection to the web. Products evolve as they grow, but Evernote's culture has evolved in ways far afield from its beginnings. By the way, you are incorrect about two simultaneous devices. Evernote requires you to pick the two devices on which you choose to access Evernote using the desktop software.
  2. I lost 4 hours worth of meeting notes that I took in Evernote Web, apparently because Evernote will not save content that is generated while offline without a wifi connection. During the meeting, I did not have wifi access. I took notes within an Evernote note window that I had previously opened. When I got back to a wifi connection, I edited the note and assumed the note would be saved. I was wrong. If anyone has any suggestions for recovering this content, please let me know. This problem is a direct result of Evernote's new pricing policy and 2-device policy, which prevents me from using Evernote for Windows on my laptop. If Evernote will not save my work, it is obviously of no use to me. Although I have been using Evernote lightly since its inception, it is clearly time to find an alternative.
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