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  1. Dave, 1.11.0 has improved the tab flow for an individual open note - but shift-tab does not work in reverse. The tabbing with a search results list is still painful. Any chance of bumping this one up? It would make a huge step up in usability for rapid note-taking, note-finding, and note-editing. Currently the multiple steps interrupt my flow so much that I avoid jotting notes while doing other things. Please?
  2. It can still be useful as its own icon, so you can add it ad-hoc when you need to.
  3. We very often want to dash off a series of TO-DOs. Any chance of making the Check-Box an option for the "list symbol", in addition to bullet and number? THanks
  4. Thanks! (just the actual leaf tags of each note/item, not the tag hierarchy)
  5. +1. The bugs in the most basic rich-text editing functions are really painful. Each time that pain crosses some threshold I go off and look for an alternative. And the pain hurts that much more when paying for the product. EN, please bump this a bit higher in your priorities if you can.
  6. I'm looking for a standard separator to replace all my previous uses of "@" as a keyword marker. I tried *, &, $, _ and they are all also treated as whitespace. Suggestions? Is this style of defining search keywords deprecated in Evernote? Thanks!
  7. I was trying to understand why my Evernote database size was getting so big. I looked inside the "Evernote/data" folder and find that for every text note, Evernote seems to be storing a PNG file with an image of that note several times times bigger than the source (see attachment). Is this needed just for the "icon" view? Any way this can be turned off (I never use this view anyway)? 80% of my storage size is just these PNG files? Thanks!
  8. Do this: - Select an entire Notebook --> shows (say) 100 items - Select a Saved Search --> shows (say) 10 items - De-Select that Saved Search (Cmd-Click) --> still shows 10 items The criteria for the saved search does not get reset when that saved search is deselected. Can also be seen by "View Search Explanation". Ouch. I am getting a bit concerned by these glitches. Thanks!
  9. When I am typing in a word into the Search field, each extra character I type should narrow the search results. This is how incremental search should behave. More selection criteria, tighter results. Evernote does NOT do this. Instead, it only puts things into the search results when the complete word matches. Worse, this also means that if I search for "candidate", Evernote will completely exclude a note that has "candidates". And, when I am typing incrementally, "candidate" shows 0 results, but when I type that extra "s" I suddenly see 20 results. This is not intuitive, and makes it much easier to miss stuff I actually have saved. Please, can the search be made a bit more sane on this front? Is that even feasible? Thanks EDIT: I tested the above with an advanced tag search "tag:candidate" vs. "tag:candidates", and it behaved badly as above. A normal text search of content seems to behave more reasonably, so the problem may be limited to search-field based tag searches.
  10. You are welcome. If I may make one more (related) suggestion: when creating the match list for a search, it would really be nice if Evernote used some ranking of the matches. This does not have to be fancy, even something as simple as: Title match > Tag match > Body match > match anywhere else would be great. Titles and Tags tend to be primary classifiers, others are (relatively) detailed ones. This will not be as simple to implement as the TAB re-ordering. But it would greatly increase the number of times that Evernote showed the primary target first on the list, with its details already visible. It would raise the question of "which column is the match list sorted by", and I would say it is a "ranking" column which only appears when Search is non-empty, and is the always the default initial sort for searches (possibly customizable). Thanks!
  11. SMALL changes to TAB will give very smooth fast entry of new notes + editing of existing notes from the keyboard. NEW NOTE: - Cursor positioned in note title (no change) - Tab goes into Tags (no change) - Tab goes into Body (CHANGE: no need to go to source URL - if needed it would almost always be done by the Clipper; and waste of time to tab through all the formatting fields) - Shift-TAB does these in reverse EXISTING NOTE: - Use Search field to find some possible matches (no change) - Tab goes into list of Matches (CHANGE: no need to go through 3 other useless TABS) - Up/Down Arrow changes selection in List and selected expanded note (no change) - Tab goes into BODY either at location of match in note body, or at end of note if no match in body (CHANGE: this would be the most common path for editing existing note) - Further Tab or Shift-TAB behaves like NEW NOTE above This borrows some ideas from "Notational Velocity", fantastic Mac app. Thanks!
  12. I have hidden the toolbar (wasted screen space for me). When I key in Cmd-F I would expect the find-field to be made visible so I can do my search. Am I doing something wrong?
  13. How do I do a 1-time move to bring the contents of my existing Windows evernote database across to my Mac ?
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