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  1. I fear that Tom is right. Almost every question I had about the transition of 2.2.1 to 3.0 is pretty easily explained by listening to the podcast with Phil Libin. He had an idea for a product, found a piece of software that could be retooled to maybe accomplish that end and invested heavily in it. Not a bad way to go about things. Probably quite efficient, but it leaves the original users of the retooled software somewhat in a lurch. Evernote is changing from a note-taking product to something else. Whether or not that something else will still be useful for taking notes remains to be seen.
  2. +3...no, wait. +1 I'm not so much concerned about the inability to use the product on a regular basis. It's in beta, after all. It's more the direction that the beta is taking is bothering me. Still, we're not to the release candidate yet, so there's still time to make our opinions known and potentially change the direction of this particular ship.
  3. That would be unfortunate, but if that's the course they want to take, at least we've got 2.2.1.
  4. Seconded. I'm less than thrilled with the direction of 3.0, but this software has helped me so much that I'm willing to give the developers the benefit of any doubt I have. However, I've got a lot of notes that are heavily interlinked, and cannot completely upgrade if I'd be losing those links.
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