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  1. I may be missing something... Grumpy Monkey said above: "scan -> pdf -> ocr -> evernote" Is there a separate step for OCR? I use a "Neat NeatReceipts" scanner and scan all documents as .pdf into a desktop folder that is monitored and automatically imported by Evernote. So my routine is: "scan -> pdf -> evernote". I (perhaps wrongly) assume that Evernote takes care of the OCR as it brings the documents from the folder to Evernote. Am I wrong?? Tom
  2. I too have a FarleyFile - but I also did not know the "official" name of it. The one thing I'd like to do, but have not figured out how quite yet, is to add to the note, a copy of the person's business card. When I scan a card in, it ends up as a .pdf file and I can not add any text to the created note. Anyone have any suggestions? By the way, I have gone ahead in some cases and scanned the Business Card into one .pdf file, then created a separate note related to the person.. and then merged the two notes.. but it does not really seem like the best solution. The business card "page" of the me
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