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  1. No, it brings up a May pdf file.. but my Evernote has one dated August 14th. Oops, I take it back. I suppose if I were to synchronize it might make a difference! My bad. YES, now your link DOES work. Thanks Tom
  2. I do, and I just updated it from the May list.. to a new August list... but it does not seem to show when I click your link. I guess I don't fully understand how to "share" Tom
  3. As the President of a Police Foundation, I have been using Evernote to capture thoughts, ideas, links to other Foundations as well as general references to fund raising activities. I continue to look for ways that Evernote can be used for both Foundation work and Fund Raising. I see there is a current thread on “Using Evernote for Non-Profits” and that is certainly one that I will follow. I think however that while there are a lot of similarities amongst all non-profits.. there are also a lot of differences when it comes specifically to fund raising to support your local Police agency … i.e. the work of Police Foundations. Do we have any Police Foundation members among our forum ranks who wish to comment on the above, or expand upon it? In the meantime let me point you to a Wikipedia page I continue to update with links to all the Police Foundations I have identified… mostly in the USA and a small number International. http://en.wikipedia....lice_Foundation Tom
  4. Well I have no video and very few pictures so that is not a problem. Making EN sound like even more the correct choice.
  5. I am a paid user of both Evernote... and Dropbox. But of late I am wondering why I keep my Dropbox account. Seems to me that virtually anything I can store on Dropbox... I can also store on Evernote. What am I missing.. why do I need both? Are others using both? Seems to me that with Evernotes search capabilities, it wins out over Dropbox. Tom
  6. I may be missing something... Grumpy Monkey said above: "scan -> pdf -> ocr -> evernote" Is there a separate step for OCR? I use a "Neat NeatReceipts" scanner and scan all documents as .pdf into a desktop folder that is monitored and automatically imported by Evernote. So my routine is: "scan -> pdf -> evernote". I (perhaps wrongly) assume that Evernote takes care of the OCR as it brings the documents from the folder to Evernote. Am I wrong?? Tom
  7. I too have a FarleyFile - but I also did not know the "official" name of it. The one thing I'd like to do, but have not figured out how quite yet, is to add to the note, a copy of the person's business card. When I scan a card in, it ends up as a .pdf file and I can not add any text to the created note. Anyone have any suggestions? By the way, I have gone ahead in some cases and scanned the Business Card into one .pdf file, then created a separate note related to the person.. and then merged the two notes.. but it does not really seem like the best solution. The business card "page" of the merged note has a ton of white space before you eventually get down to the "farleyfile" pieces of information. Tom
  8. I've read a lot of posts here about each of these products... and quite honestly am now confused as to which one is better... JotNot Pro or Genius Scan Has anyone done any extensive testing and can recommend one over the other... for use on an iPhone and then import to Evernote of course. Thanks Tom
  9. Control + ; does not seem to work on my paid version of Evernote.. anyone else have a way to do this? Tom
  10. I've created a new bookmarklet and inserted the javascript as suggested. However, when I click the bookmarklet it reformats the page (ala readability) but then opens a small box at the top of the page that simply says: "Loading clip" one one line and "Close Clipper". Sumtin ain't workin right! It neither clips anything to Evernote.. nor allows me to go back to the previous page. All I can do at that point is close the tab Ideas, suggestions? I believe I do have javascripts allowed.. so don't think that is the issue. Tom
  11. Can you expand on this a bit? What app are you referring to? I also want to link two twitter accounts to one Evernote account... but it appears not possible. Tom [oops... did not realize that this was in a Blackberry discussion forum.. I am interested in it simply from a Windows account]. Tom
  12. I have Readability installed... but don't know what to do with the javascript code shown on this page.. Can you give some install instructions please? Tom
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