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  1. I may be missing something... Grumpy Monkey said above: "scan -> pdf -> ocr -> evernote" Is there a separate step for OCR? I use a "Neat NeatReceipts" scanner and scan all documents as .pdf into a desktop folder that is monitored and automatically imported by Evernote. So my routine is: "scan -> pdf -> evernote". I (perhaps wrongly) assume that Evernote takes care of the OCR as it brings the documents from the folder to Evernote. Am I wrong?? Tom
  2. I too have a FarleyFile - but I also did not know the "official" name of it. The one thing I'd like to do, but have not figured out how quite yet, is to add to the note, a copy of the person's business card. When I scan a card in, it ends up as a .pdf file and I can not add any text to the created note. Anyone have any suggestions? By the way, I have gone ahead in some cases and scanned the Business Card into one .pdf file, then created a separate note related to the person.. and then merged the two notes.. but it does not really seem like the best solution. The business card "page" of the merged note has a ton of white space before you eventually get down to the "farleyfile" pieces of information. Tom
  3. I've read a lot of posts here about each of these products... and quite honestly am now confused as to which one is better... JotNot Pro or Genius Scan Has anyone done any extensive testing and can recommend one over the other... for use on an iPhone and then import to Evernote of course. Thanks Tom
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