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  1. I just use the date & time stamp feature to create a searchable index reference. Evernote inserts it by hitting Control-; (semi-colon). It's always there and is even easier/quicker than using an external program like roboform, etc. Bam! Instant reference! The date and time makes an instantly accessible accession number that is always unique and which you can pull "out of the air" at any time by simply glancing at your watch (or using control-; in Evernote). It also has the added advantage of having some intrinsic meaning, as well. It specifies the exact moment you created the index reference. Knowing this may help you recall it from memory later. I use it for other things besides Evernote, too. Try it. You'll like it!
  2. I agree, linking is a "must have" feature. It would be especially useful if it could be done using something like wiki words. Please add linking soon!
  3. This is absolutely brilliant and would catapult EN's value as a resource aggregation tool to a whole new level!The only thing I would add to MissDipsy's idea is that this capability should include the ability to search on the creation date and time of a specific note to create a direct link to that note.
  4. A wiki-like capability would be an incredible enhancement for EN! Suppose I had a database on birds. I create a note on, say, "brown-breasted warbler" and use that phrase as the title. I include pictures and all kinds of detailed information specific to brown-breasted warblers in the note. I also designate the "brown-breasted warbler" title of this note as a "wiki title" by checking a check box or something. Now, let's say that in some other note I am discussing warblers in general but make a reference to the brown-breasted warbler (using that exact spelling). Since the "brown-breasted warbler" has been designated as a wiki note, the occurence of that phrase in the more general Warbler note would automatically link to it. Think about the implications that "wiki-fication" could have for a database of notes which are rich in complex terminology! This is very serious power! Adding wiki-like capability would catapult EN light years ahead of OneNote! Please seriously consider adding wiki capability to Evernote!
  5. Any further ideas on this? Having the print header is a fairly important issue -- even if it is just a hard-coded setup for title, date, time and tags as in the older versions of EN . Thanks!
  6. I cannot find a way to move or copy a note from one notebook to another. I would especially like to be able to drag and drop OR export/import a large number of them en masse from one notebook to another. Is this facility just not available in 3.0 (yet) or am I just missing something obvious? Thanks
  7. In Beta 3 I have noticed that when sending a note to the printer, the usual header information (date, time, tagnames, etc.) does not appear on the final printout. In fact, there is no header at all. I have not found any place in EN3 where the print header can be turned on/off, configured, etc. It's not in "Print Setup". Am I missing something or is the print header configuration module just still on the "To Do" list as something that has not been done yet??? Thanks
  8. Yes!! That did it!!! Thanks for your help!!! Ataraxia
  9. I had EN3beta working and synchronizing just fine on two computers. Then I went to login to my account on the web but forgot my password. So I did the password reset process. Now I can login in to the EN "preview" site and see all of my notes just fine. HOWEVER< I get a Synchronization Error ( 0% EDAMUserException: errorCode=INVALID_AUTH parameter="password") when I try to synch either of my two machines to my web account. I have installed the new password in the "switch" option under the "Accounts" menu in EN. I have then done a full exit from the application and reloaded. I still get the 0% EDAMUserException: errorCode=INVALID_AUTH parameter="password" error when I try to synch. Am I missing something here or is this a bona fide bug of some kind? Tanks! m---- (ooooo)
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