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  1. Duplicating notes was a part of the original Evernote. Actually you had templates for notes that you could just call on. You could even create your own using xtml. So I agree duplication is a basic feature that has been lost and I also agree that to do it by importing and exporting is cumbersome. The new Evernote has moved in an entirely different direction, the previous was just like a journal on tractor fed paper. Under the old format I could drop my emails in and and they would take on creation dates and back then "categories" according to the email info and where you dropped them. I had separate templates (xtml forms) for things like contacts to dos etc. Evernote has come a long way and in a different direction (OCR, sync, multi platform etc) and are to be congratulated on a great program but I do miss some of the basic things I could do before. Before everyone jumps on me basic does not mean "simple" or "easy to implement" it just means a function that is basic to many computer programs - a one click copy and paste. Cheers eBoof
  2. Thanks DVDmon, I noticed a post further down after I posted this.
  3. Has EN considered some form of collaborated notebooks. Currently you can share a notebook allowing ppl to view it on the web. How cool would it be to have a notebook that was shared with your pa so they could add notes make changes etc. The ability to collaborate different notebooks with different ppl would be awesome and take EN to the next level. Cheers Rob
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