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  1. In Reply to RobinRobin, EN support confirmed the facts of my original post. That was a while ago, not sure if anything has changed substantially. My solution was to change how I use EN. Most of the notes I need on my mobile devices are trivial things like grocery lists, movie watch lists, etc. More serious/critical notes are being maintained in OneNote and NoteZilla on my desktop. So with the way I'm using EN now I might not even bother to restore it if something went terribly wrong, I might just start it over again because the material is not important compared to what is in the other apps.
  2. PinkElephant, please leave the responses to other forum users that know this stuff better. If you understood how the syncing process works you would know that restoring the whole database from a third party backup program is not simple and well beyond the abilities of many EN users. A tedious process even for very experienced users. Manually exporting all the individual notebooks of a large database makes no sense as a routine backup solution, nobody has that time to waste. As to the reliability of cloud data storage, I bring news: it's not uncommon for users to accidently delete something, es
  3. I have a somewhat large and complicated Evernote database that is growing everyday. My anxiety regarding backups is also growing everyday. In the following paragraphs I have listed what I think I understand about the backup situation in Evernote. I know the Evernote servers are backed up and through the syncing process can restore a copy of the most recent data lost when a PC is stolen for example. However, call me a pessimist but I prefer to never, ever, rely only on a vendor's web server backup procedures to protect my data and sometimes there are good reasons to want to restore an entire
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