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  1. @s2sailor @dtwhite Many thanks for your feedback. After investigating, we did see this issue on the new web client where notes with PDF files attached would update the date when the user just viewed the note. We fixed the issue and it will be released next week. Would you guys be able to give the web client another try next Friday 11/15 to see if you have any further issues? We appreciate your help. Additionally, if you have seen this issue beyond notes with PDF attachments or beyond the web client please let us know. @s2sailor per your comment above, are you saying you experience the same issue on Mac?
  2. @Happy Chap @DTLow @s2sailor @jefito @nigebj Thanks for the discussion re. negative syntax logic. Im happy to share that we just completed an update and the new search now accommodates a range of negative syntax including notebooks, tags, and words. Just place the negative in front of the term like so "-notebook:pet" and of course if you want to combine syntax that would work as well. For example, "tag:pet -notebook:dog -gray" will find all notes with the tag "pets" except in the notebook "dog" and except with the word "gray". Please let me know how this works out for you guys.
  3. @dtwhite @s2sailor Thank you for the feedback. We are sorry you guys are experiencing this issue. We need to determine the situation that is giving rising to this behavior. Can you guys please share with us the exact steps you took when experiencing this issue and screenshots if available? It would also be helpful to know which version of the note editor you guys are using. At the bottom right, there should be a box that says "Classic Editor" or "Beta Editor". We look forward to hearing from you guys.
  4. @CalS Fast performance is a key priority for the search team so please know that we keep a close eye on this. The video reflects the true speed. Since Windows preview is in the early stages, there may other things affecting the performance there. But please note that search in Windows preview does not reflect search in the new modern Evernote web. I'd encourage you to join the beta program if you want to take the new search experience for a test drive now.
  5. No specific date yet but please know that this one is in the works!
  6. @Paul A. We just released this new search functionality to beta users today! You should have received an email. We are looking forward to hearing what you think.
  7. @jefito Thanks for your thoughts. I'll look into populating suggestions for search syntax. Regarding deleting the search terms, it is in fact as you described - you can easily delete any of them by clicking on the "x" and the search will automatically adjust.
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