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  1. @Stacey Thank you for the detailed posts with visuals. I did understand you correctly the first time - (you are a very clear communicator!) but its always nice to have visuals to make 100% sure since thing can get lost in translation so I appreciate the extra effort you went through with the screenshots and the video to share another use case. @Mike P Thank you for sharing your use case as well. Please know we are actively thinking through this feedback as these are all great points. We love your passion for Evernote and want to help you work efficiently. There is definitely trickiness to designing the UI to accommodate a diverse set of user preferences but we agree we can do better here. Thank you again for the feedback.
  2. @Stacey @ABEN Thank you for the feedback. It is an app wide design to open to the full note view so users can focus on the note they are working on. This appears to work well for most users however, it is a departure from legacy and I understand your frustration given it doesn't work well for your use cases. We will ponder on this feedback some more as there are multiple options to address it. Meanwhile, Stacey - if you switch to a notebook then the note list will appear and you will be able to select notes that way. Can you share if this works for your use case? Also regarding your templates use, if you switch to the note from Quick Switcher, you will likely be able to see the whole note title.
  3. Thank you for the feedback Stacey. We will move this one into que soon to be worked on.
  4. Hi All, We have resolved the issue. To address this Quick Switcher issue, please quit your Evernote App from your menu bar: Windows: File > Quit Evernote Mac: Evernote > Quit Evernote) When you reopen Evernote, the Quick Switcher should now be working. We apologize again for the issue and hope you enjoy using this shortcut key again. If you have any feedback, we'd love to hear from you.
  5. Thank you all for the feedback. We apologize for this issue and are investigating now. I will come back with an update. Please bear with us.
  6. Thank you all for the fast feedback. We apologize for this issue and are investigating now. I will come back with an update. Please bear with us.
  7. @DTLow The existing search syntax still works. You can just type it into the new search bar and it will produce the same results
  8. @Stacey We do have a filter for lists in the new search experience which is in the new apps. You can simply go to the search bar and type "lists" and then click on the "lists" filter. It should filter any note with any kind of list (bulleted, numbered, etc). Also, this article shares all the filters available with the new search which I also copied below. Filters Search filters allow you to quickly search for a specific type of content. The following search filters are available: Addresses Attachments Dates Email addresses Checkboxes PDF files Presentations Images Lists Phone numbers Tables URLs Webclips
  9. @Oberdada Thank you for your feedback. We recently released a new filtering button on the new Evernote web. You can select multiple tags to filter. I agree with you that the number of results next to the tags would be helpful. We will see what we can do. Please let me know how you like this.
  10. @DTLow What do you mean by stuck? Is there anything we can do to help you get unstuck?
  11. @DTLow The latest version of Evernote web has this (6.5.0). Enjoy!
  12. @stuhrer Sorry to hear about your issue. Searching for notes with tags starting with special characters should work as it previously did. I just checked with the team and tested it myself as well and it appears to work fine. Can you help me understand your experience? 1) can you share some sample terms you are searching for? 2) can you tell me where you searched previously that worked and 3) can you share the screenshot that shows up now when you do the search in the new web? Also, please note that you can switch back to the prior web version if you wish to see the old search. You can just click on your account name on the upper left and in the dropdown menu click "Switch to older version of Evernote".
  13. @s2sailor @dtwhite Apologies the release was delayed and it was just released yesterday. Can you guys check again? It should be good now.
  14. @s2sailor @dtwhite Many thanks for your feedback. After investigating, we did see this issue on the new web client where notes with PDF files attached would update the date when the user just viewed the note. We fixed the issue and it will be released next week. Would you guys be able to give the web client another try next Friday 11/15 to see if you have any further issues? We appreciate your help. Additionally, if you have seen this issue beyond notes with PDF attachments or beyond the web client please let us know. @s2sailor per your comment above, are you saying you experience the same issue on Mac?
  15. @Happy Chap @DTLow @s2sailor @jefito @nigebj Thanks for the discussion re. negative syntax logic. Im happy to share that we just completed an update and the new search now accommodates a range of negative syntax including notebooks, tags, and words. Just place the negative in front of the term like so "-notebook:pet" and of course if you want to combine syntax that would work as well. For example, "tag:pet -notebook:dog -gray" will find all notes with the tag "pets" except in the notebook "dog" and except with the word "gray". Please let me know how this works out for you guys.
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